Florida Woman probably needs to go to prison

… for a long time.

Remember Mrs. Irby, who allegedly stole her estranged husbands guns to “turn them in to the police”?

I was dubious. I was proved right to be so.

She passed up a minimum of two chances to get a court order forcing hubby to surrender his guns (and in such an event, Florida law requires him to turn them in, get a receipt from the police, and present that receipt to the court; Mrs. Irby’s action would have made it impossible for Mr. Irby to comply with the law). Then we learned that the burglary really wasn’t about the guns; those were an afterthought, after she stole other stuff.

And did she take them to righteously turn in?


Haas alleged that she did this “because of her ongoing frustration with Mr. Irby having allegedly cleaned out a joint marital bank account.”

Later, when another friend learned she had the firearms, the friend told her to take them to police, according to Haas.

Apparently she took the guns to pawn just like the other things she stole. Can it get any better than that?

Yes, it can.

According to Joseph Irby, His wife also stole a third gun that she did not turn in to police. There is no information on the recovery efforts of the third firearm.

And yet, despite all this, the prosecutor has reduced the armed burglary and grand theft charges to mere trespassing.

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