For the Record(net)

Everyone has a right to an opinion. You have the right to publish your opinion. No prob.

But you have no right to expect to be taken seriously when you clearly have no fucking idea what you’re talking about.

“As a matter of fact, for two decades gun violence research by the CDC was banned by the so-called Dickey Amendment”

False. The Dickey Amendment blocked the CDC from promoting gun control, not researching it. During that period, the CDC did do gun control research such as surveying defensive gun use (and then hid the data for years because it revealed massive number of DGUs per year).

What you should find troubling is what the CDC did to prompt the passage of the Dickey Amendment: They diverted funds from research to push a political agenda.

“…in 2017. The Dickey Amendment was lifted that same year.

“Later that year, so-called bump stocks were banned.”

No. That occurred on March 26, 2019. That’s this year, for the numerically challenged.

“turn an assault rifle into a machine gun”

No. An assault rifle is a machinegun. Per LVMPD and ATF, bump stocks were installed on some semi-automatic rifles, but neither agency ever said they were used in the shooting. (A FOIA response from ATF states they have no documentation of a bump stock being used in any crime ever.) This point has also been addressed in federal court.

Early reports of the Mandalay Bay incident said investigators found at least one rifle converted to be fully automatic in addition to the bump stock equipped rifles. The ATF was not allowed to examine the weapons’ internals (FOIA response), which is specifically their jurisdiction.

“Point in fact, no one it talking about confiscating firearms.”

“Duke Nukem” Swalwell’s presidential campaign was based on his plan to take firearms, which included the use of overwhelming military force against civilians. You may have heard of something popularly referred to as “red flag laws,” which are confiscation orders not accused of a crime, without due process. Perhaps you’ve even heard of a Senator Schumer and something called the Democratic Party.

“It is, however, reasonable to consider banning high capacity ammo clips, weapons such as assault rifles that no reasonable person can believe are needed for self defense or hunting.”

a. Clips typically hold ten rounds (that’s standard for .223 Rem/5.56 NATO ammunition); perhaps you meant magazines. The difference matters, and is more than mere semantics.

b. Assault rifles are heavily regulated and registered, and it is unlawful for a private individual to possess one which was manufactured or imported after May 1986.

c. If you meant semi-auto rifles: this and this.

the patchwork of state weapons laws that allowed the Garlic Festival murderer go to Nevada to buy a weapon banned in California and bring it into this state

Wrong. According to the authorities, chumboy did not go to Nevada to buy the rifle. He moved there. The law did not “allow” him to bring the rifle to California; the rifle and magazine are banned. Do a web search on Roberti-Roos to start, and try to keep up.

“It is reasonable to ban certain classes of people from possessing firearms, such as convicted felons, those with domestic violence restraining orders and those with certain mental impairments. And it is reasonable to make these federal mandates rather than the patchwork of state weapons laws”

Please refer to 18 USC 922. convicted felons, subjects of domestic violence restraining orders, and those adjudicated mentally incompetent are lawfully barred from possessing firearms, and have been for decades. What did you thinks NICS checks were checking? There several other classes of federally prohibited persons, as well.

Unless the folks at Recordnet like wasting their time passing pre-existing laws (what’s next; a ban on undetectable firearms?) or laws targeting the wrong things, they need to educate themselves. Armed with actual facts, they might even come up with something that works and doesn’t violate the human rights of innocent people. I recommend The Zelman Partisans’ gun culture primer as a starting point. Then they can check the imaginary things list so they can avoided making it onto this page.

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