Commenting on Compromise

Over at The Zelman Partisans, I noted that Davey Piglet’s “compromise” on semi-auto bans (NFA registration as machineguns) is no compromise, because firearm owners lose more, and gain nothing. A commenter disagreed.

I hate to piss in your Cheerios this early in the day, but I’m thinking that you’re the ones who are misconstruing the word “compromise.” While I agree 100% with your disparagement of placing autoloaders on the NFA register, compared to the statements of some of our wannabe Democratic Presidential candidates about outlawing and confiscating all such weapons, placing them on the NFA register is, indeed, a compromise.

What he describes is a compromise between victim disarmers. Piglet proposes a compromise of registration (for the submissive) vs. killing (Swallows) or imprisoning (Gillibrand et al) those who respect rights.

Victim disarmer Gillibrand demands total surrender or prison.

Psychopath Swalwell demands total surrender or death.

Piggy offers them the compromise of total surrender or NFA registration.

None of them offer a damned thing to firearm owners.

Please consider. They want a ban one way or another. At least some of them are literally willing to kill us. Currently, their grandiose dreams of a totalitarian paradise are stymied by the lack of registration. Except in some states, they don’t know who the owners are, where they are, what they have, or how much.

They don’t know who to imprison or kill, nor what to steal.

But, with those cards on the table, Hogg expects firearm owners to play their game. The gullible register their newly-defined machine guns…

…and when the next total ban comes along, the VDs think they’ll have a list with which to find those nasty gun owners.

Of course, except for the gullible few, they won’t really know. They definitely won’t know about the millions of stolen firearms in the wild, any more than they know now.

I decline these “compromises” that only take, and offer nothing. I particularly refuse an offer to register any hypothetical property to ease later confiscations.

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