Marion Hammer dodged a bullet

Remember when it came out that the Vichy NRA was paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars for Florida lobbying, and that she wasn’t reporting it as required by law?

$929,000 over 5 years. For working “an average of five hours per week.”

$714.61 per hour. Unreported.

Florida Senate resolves gun lobbyist complaint
After correcting four years of compensation reports for one of the entities she represents, Florida’s top gun lobbyist Marion Hammer has been cleared of wrongdoing by the Florida Senate.

Sen. Perry Thurston, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat, had filed the complaint against Hammer, accusing her of violating Senate lobbying rules for failing to report her compensation for more than a decade.
“I was told that I did not have any additional filing requirements as a lobbyist. Thus, in good faith I relied upon that advice,” Hammer continued.

Bull shit.I can’t believe they let her get away with that. When I first heard the claim that she hadn’t been reporting compensation. I checked it for myself.

It took me about 1 minute to find what the NRA said it paid her.

It took me about 2 minutes to find her state reports… of no compensation.

I took maybe another 2 minutes to find the applicable state laws.

5 minutes of work that Hammer — lobbying on laws — couldn’t find for a decade. She couldn’t even check the FAQ, which explains that compensation must be reported.

The nicest thing you could say about her claim is that she’s too frickin’ incompetent to analyse and discuss law as a lobbyist, if she can’t even keep up with lobbying law. Which might explain why Florida recently passed several gun control laws.

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