[Updated] Looks like CBP screwed up

See update below.

CBP Stops Passenger with Ballistic Armor Leading to Discovery of Weapons Cache
On August 18, a Chinese national arrived at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport from Beijing. When first encountered, the passenger gave a negative declaration to carrying any prohibited items. During an examination of the traveler’s luggage, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers discovered undeclared ballistic armor and other tactical apparel.

The Chinese national appears to have been a lawful US resident from the description of his US residence. Keep that in mind.

I’ve traveled to and from the US with armor. Never had to declare it. So I wondered about that prohibited item claim. What does the CBP say elsewhere?

There are no restrictions on the importation of soft body armor.

And so far, I can’t find any restriction on hard armor either (noncommercial, that is; just personal property).

“Tactical apparel”? Beats me. I never had to declare my BDUs. Moving on…

CBP Officers also discovered evidence that the traveler possessed a significant weapons cache at his U.S. residence, which appeared to include prohibited items such as high capacity magazines and “bump-stock” devices.

“High capacity” magazine prohibited by who? Not the federal government, nor Michigan. If he was a lawful permanent resident — and not otherwise disqualified — owning all that is lawful.

And “bump-stock” devices. Where? Here are the pictures CBP posted.

Adjustable stock; not a bump stock.
Adjustable stock; not a bump stock.
Pistol brace; not a bump stock.

Who the hell knows what the “other regulated paraphernalia” might have been, or what they thought it might be.

Based on their own pictures and press release, it looks like CBP just deported a lawful resident for no valid reason.

Added, 5:00PM: Oh, joy. Frickin’ bureaucrats. I sent an email to cbpmediarelations@cbp.dhs.gov, the address given on the press release. I got a reply;

I am currently on temporary assignment to another office.

For CBP related inquiries, please contact cbpmediarelations@cbp.dhs.gov. Thank you!

Wonderful Your tax dollars not at work.

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2 thoughts on “[Updated] Looks like CBP screwed up

  1. Charlie Foxtrot September 2, 2019 / 8:39 pm

    See https://www.ar500armor.com/legal-and-terms-of-use.html. A lot of stuff falls under ITAR or EAR, which means US citizens and permanent residents can own it but can’t take it to or bring it from a foreign country and can’t give it to or receive it from a foreign national who is not a permanent resident, without the proper paperwork.


    • Bear September 4, 2019 / 7:55 am

      That’s why I’m asking CBP what kind of body armor it was. Soft body armor is generally allowed, according to their site. What ever kind it was, seemingly the communist Chinese government had no problem with his possession, since he was abloe to get it past their screeners. (Sorry for late response; chalk it up to yet another hurricane.)


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