You’re over-thinking it

Folks are on pins and needles, waiting with bated breath to see what Trump’s going to do on gun control. Here’s a typical piece.

Trump walks tightrope on gun control
President Trump is stringing along the debate over gun control by keeping alive discussions on expanded background checks, but just barely.
A senior Senate Republican aide said Trump appears to be dragging out the debate to keep his options open.

“He doesn’t want to get into a fight with Second Amendment groups, but he doesn’t want to kill it either in case he might need it later on,” the aide said of a proposal to expand background checks to all commercial gun sales.

Do they really think the man who bypassed Congress to impose more gun control — by fiat — than the Dems or Reps managed in twenty years, pissing off every gun owner who was paying attention, is worried about potentially alienating 2A voters?

Until he decided that running for Prez as a Republican would be hilarious, Trump has never been friendly to the Second Amendment. For all his words, his actions in banning bump stocks (and setting the stage for a semiautomatic ban) prove he is still hostile to human/civil rights.

So Trump isn’t stalling to see what voter blocs think. He’s just screwing with everyone’s heads because he can.

Trump’s entire campaign and Presidency has been the biggest, most watched reality TV program in history. It may never be topped. He tweets random, contradictory crap, and laughs as people take it seriously and attempt to discern his intent.

His intent is to entertain himself at your expense, and drive ratings.

As to what he’ll do on gun control… universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence checks at a minimum. Federal incentives for state ex parte “red flag” orders. At a minimum. No-fly/No-buy. Probably an “assault weapon” ban, though he may leave that to his successor.

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