Another bogus gun viol.. Wait. WTF?

I saw this today.

Drunk drivers more likely to commit violent gun crimes in California, study finds
Gun buyers in California convicted of driving under the influence are at greater risk of committing a violent crime or a firearm-related offense, a group of researchers at UC Davis found in a broad study that tracks gun purchasers over the span of a decade.

Well, that sounds bad, right? Maybe we should make a DUI conviction a prohibited person qualifier.

Or maybe we should look at the study and see what they really found.

I want to get to the really important stuff, so I’ll summarize this very briefly. Even when they examined the age range most likely to commit violent crimes, they found that honest gun owners are just that: remarkably unlikely to offend. More, they had to inflate that “committing a violent crime” by counting arrests and charges, not convictions. They specifically did not look for convictions.

The important part isn’t the conclusions. It’s the methodology. These researchers — including noted anti-rights Garen Wintemute — used Dealer Records of Sales to identify 160,619 lawful gun owners. They then tracked these individuals — including where they lived — for the period of 2001-2013.

That was 160,619 handgun buyers. It seems likely they got access to all DROS, so the number is probably a lot higher.


Data from DROS suggested that 2001 was a typical year. The sales volume of handguns in 2001 (160 619) was close to the mean volume during 1996 to 2005 (181 877 [range, 126 233-244 569]).

That suggests they have DROS for ten years worth of lawful purchasers. The Violence Prevention Research Program could well be tracking millions of California gun owners.

The idea of Wintemute, with his anti-human/civil rights agenda pushing unconstitutional laws, identifying and tracking lawful gun owners is not happy making.

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