An open letter to Leslie Ruffing

First, the backstory.

Ms. Ruffing was shopping at Hobby Lobby and discovered some novelty signs. One depicted a pair of revolvers with the message, “We don’t call 911,” while another was an old fashioned no trespassing sign; “Violators will be shot.”

After whining for attention on Twitter…

. @HobbyLobby I’d love to know why on earth you think it’s OK to sell merchandise that blatantly glorifies and encourages gun violence.
I echoed my disgust to the manger on duty who agreed to elevate my concern to your corporate office.
It’s 2019. Let’s do better.

(ETA: She set her account to private on Saturday, apparently due to heavily ridicule this morning, so you can’t see the tweet there. Fortunately, I anticipated that.)


…a reporter indulged her need for attention:

Ruffing, who identifies as a “gun violence prevention advocate” on her Twitter account, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she was “instantly filled with disgust and anger” when seeing the firearm paraphernalia. She believes that by selling the signs, Hobby Lobby, which does not sell firearms in its stores, is going beyond affirming second amendment rights by selling products that appear to “encourage” and “glorify” gun violence.

My usual reaction to such anti-rights antics is annoyance. But this time, I felt something different.

Dear Ms. Ruffing,

For possibly the first time, my emotional response to whining anti-gun outrage is…


I feel sorry for you.

You go through life as a humorless harpy, a petulant child demanding that world indulge your whims. You clearly know something is missing from your life, so you’ve filled that void with an endless quest for outrage.

You are unable to see the humor in funny, if tacky, signs. Signs which no one is demanding that you purchase.

You shout “gun violence!” but lack the intellectual capacity to differentiate between an amusing warning that a person is prepared to defend himself and real, initiated, aggressive violence. Ironically, the “bullet holes” in the no trespassing sign would be from incoming fire; that is, someone shooting at the property owner.

You are incapable of grasping the irony of objecting to “violent” signs while festooning your own Twitter page with clenched fists.

You also lack the courage of your assumed convictions to take your “Gun Violence Prevention Advocacy” to the real sources of aggressive violence; to the inner city gangbangers with illegal firearms.

Instead, showing a little street cunning in lieu of actual intelligence, you choose the physically safer course of harassing a Christian business, knowing they’ll turn the other cheek, and not shoot you as would a Disciples drug dealer.

Going through life devoid of humor or real convictions, endlessly outraged over things you can’t really comprehend, knowing inside that you are a coward, must be very difficult. For yourself, and those around you.

I expect the owners of Hobby Lobby will pray for you.

I will pity you, but I am not going to be swayed in my defense of individual human/civil rights by an emotionally, morally, and intellectually stunted coward.


Carl “Bear” Bussjaeger

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