Apparently I am a machinegun attack survivor

Who knew?

This 18-Year-Old Mass Shooting Survivor Is Running For Office — And Someone Just Tried To Stab Him
Guns are something McClinton thinks about a lot. After surviving a mass shooting near his church in May 2016, he helped to organize the March for Our Lives Houston rally, where 15,000 people turned out in Texas to protest gun violence.

For professional reasons, I try to stay informed on mass shootings, but I was drawing a blank on a 2016 church mass shooting in Texas. But I finally found it; a gas station at Wycliffe and Memorial Drive in Houston. Doesn’t sound a lot like a church. How “near” was he?

On Memorial Day in 2016, he and his mother sheltered inside the Memorial Drive United Methodist Church, while a man shot and killed one person and injured six others at a nearby car wash.

OK, now I have two data points: the shooting location and the name of his church.

Eyeballing that, at the given scale, he was around 4,000 feet away, as the crow flies. With various buildings between him and the shooting. Kinda like another “survivor” we know, with conflicting stories of his location.

Back in the early ’80s, I lived in Greece.* One night, I heard what appeared to be a shootout between people with fully automatic weapons. Loud. I hit the floor, crawled over to the wall and carefully reached up to kill the lights.

I waited until the fire stopped. I waited a little longer. Then I decided I could get to another beer, and I sat sipping, and waited some more. Eventually I decided it was safe enough, and I went to bed.

The next morning, when I was heading to work I found large number of 9mm casings, which hadn’t been there the day before, scattered around an area centered roughly 600 feet from my house. Between the shooting scene and my house was an open park (looking at current maps, the area still appears mostly open).

4,000 feet and buildings versus 600 and a field. By Marcel McClinton’s survivor standards that makes me about 7 times the survivor he is.

Funny; in the three and a half decades since that shooting I never considered my self a machinegun attack survivor. Maybe I should follow McClinton’s and Hogg’s lead, start bragging, and rake in publicity and bucks (Bog knows I need the money).

The downside of that is that I have a conscience, ruling out that tactic.

* That was in Glyfada; where I had a little house not too far from the beach. A nice place, aside from the machinegun attack, and the later terrorist bombing that blew up some co-workers. The latter was after I’d returned to the States, putting me outside the 4,000 foot threshold for claiming to be a terror attack survivor, but I went to Bobby’s a few times, so maybe it still counts. Yes, the latter is serious sarcasm; but overall Glyfada was nice.

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