Bots, NPCs, Schizophrenics, and Other Left-wingers

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but I got sucked in by a Twitter bot yesterday. Why it happened is worth commenting on, though.

Gun Owners of America had tweeted about the hysterically low “compliance” with the bump stock ban, and asked, “What makes anti-gunners think that Americans would be so quick to give up their guns?” A point I’ve certainly been trying to make.

“@Sputnik22” replied, “So NOT law abiding then.”

And I made one of the classic blunders. I replied.

I have no obligation to obey diktats written by bureaucrats arrogating unto themselves authority constitutionally delegated to Congress. Especially when they lie about physical reality and break their own administrative rules and laws to do so.

To which Sputnik answered, “So not law abiding then.”

We went round and round. I’d quote Marbury v. Madison, and so forth. It kept replying with variants of “not law abiding” slightly modified by pseudo-random phrases attached.

Eventually, I realized it wasn’t blowing off counter-points. It wasn’t even seeing them.

Bot. When I looked at its Twitter feed, I saw that every tweet it originated was a similarly randomly modified variant of “Up your bum.”

-sigh- In my defense, it took so long to catch on because that’s how virtually every discussion with any victim disarmer goes. On Twitter, forums, or meatspace. The clue that caused me to reexamine the mindless repetitiveness was that, usually, in the face of repeated Court cites, scientific papers, UCR or WISQARS data, the troll just blocks me.

And that’s my real point. The Left is so mindlessly inane that we can’t instantly distinguish them from bots. Thus, the NPC meme. I… think this is first time I fell for it, but who really knows?

Similarly, there was the “Eat the babies” lady at Occasional (and less so everyday)-Cortex’s town hall meeting. After watching it multiple times, and laughing hysterically, I and someone else sat down in the real world and tried to decide if it was real or Grand Master-level trolling.

We couldn’t decide (though I leaned slightly to “troll” because of the “even if we bomb Russia” part). It’s too frickin’ much like how most of the Left — and especially O-C and her supporters — think and act. Which, when the truth came out, was exactly the pranksters’ point.

But really, Misfiring-Cortex made it worse. Except she can’t see it.

Nobody reacted to this lady because this is New York City and Trump plants are amateurs compared to what we deal with on the NYC subway system

The craziest stuff “Trump plants” can come up with is nothing to what O-C thinks is normal. She thought nothing of this because, What? She seems about average.

Behavior that in most of the US would be met with concern and suggestions that the woman seek professional help, if not an involuntary mental examination, is just everyday thinking to the Left.

No wonder Rep. Brain-Dead never got around to mentioning that we don’t need to eat the babies. Just a reminder that we still have a little more time.

Time for what? To fatten them up a bit more for the slaughter?

Kinda makes you wonder about why Planned Parenthood needed to build such a huge “mega-clinic.” In secret. What’s the extra space for? A meat-packing plant? Soylent Green cracker production?

I hope I’m being facetious.

And then there’s the related phenomena, like the kid who thinks being in the same city as a mass shooting qualifies him as a “survivor” of the incident.

Or “reporter” John Asbury, who unquestioningly writes a story about “ghost muskets” and “double barrel magazines” firing 100 rounds.

Or Leslie Ruffing, who was so shocked, shocked” to discover that everyone is not so devoid of humor, courage, or convictions as herself that she took her Twitter feed private to dodge the ridicule. It’s rather telling that her belated ability to see even that much reality makes her an outlier who might actually be salvageable.

The Left has become indistinguishable from bots, NPCs, trolls, and schizophrenics. And to the extent they can recognize that, they think it’s normal.

And they vote.

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