I hate this part, but… (with thoughts added later)

I have bills coming, and just about no money. If anyone was thinking maybe my law, policy, research paper, and polling analyses — here and at The Zelman Partisans — not to mention free books (I’ve noticed some folks linking to those recently, for which I am thankful) are worth anything, now would be an excellent time.

I’ve already sold my truck (thus saving on maintenance, fuel, and insurance) and shut down my web site (which I used as a WordPress test bed for my site administrator work). I really don’t have any expenses left to cut. I don’t have much left to sell, as there isn’t much market for old computers (and some of that I gave to folks in even more immediate need than I).

And if I got enough to feel comfortable with it, it would be nice to to able to afford a donation to the Firearms Policy Coalition/Firearms Policy Foundation, who are backing multiple pro-2A court cases, and writing amicus briefs in other cases, all the way up to SCOTUS. Currently, that’s not a “luxury” I can afford no matter much it’s to my benefit and yours. But you can do those donations directly, skipping the middleman.

Added later: Introspection strikes. Should I be bothering?

Honestly? I don’t know. I get just enough feedback to stroke my ego into believing I’m doing some good. Then there’s a long dry spell — plus lots of bad 2A news — that makes me doubt how realistic my ego is, and I should just drop it and let the pros handle it. The latter would probably be wiser, and easier on my blood pressure anyway. It isn’t as though, even in the best of times, that I earn enough to actually make a living.

And that part is the real wakeup call.

But then I’ll get a batch of emails asking for opinions and analysis (yeah, I still owe “MHH” some feedback; you aren’t forgotten), and that hits the ego reset button.

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2 thoughts on “I hate this part, but… (with thoughts added later)

  1. Maximillian October 12, 2019 / 9:54 pm

    I have just recently found your site. Yes, bother, please.


  2. SLee October 17, 2019 / 10:50 pm

    Please bother. I appreciate your writing.


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