New Zealand “Buyback” Report: 30,503

Previous reports

The average payout per surrendered firearm has increased by another NZ$8.06, over the mid-October numbers.

Here are the mid-October numbers in comparison to the latest NZP official numbers (10/29/2019).

Cat A Banned: 23,729
Cat E banned: 3,903
Total: 27,632
Program cost is averaging NZ$2029.16 per firearm
estimated total cost at NZ$486,998,400 (up)

And here are the final October numbers
Cat A banned: 26,095
Cat E banned: 4,408
Total: 30,503
Program cost is averaging NZ$2037.22 per firearm (up)
Estimated total cost at NZ$488,932,983 (up)

Running Compliance total: 12.71% (using last .gov estimate of 240,000 firearms).

Cat E compliance: 30.4% (using estimate of 14,500 firearms). Fewer than 1 in 3 registered owners of registered Cat E firearms are complying so far.

Projection: They are averaging 2.82% compliance per month, for 4.5 months. I guesstimate 16.94% final compliance if rates remain steady.

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