I like writing for The Truth About Guns. For one thing it gives me a much wider audience than I have here or even The Zelman Partisans. The downside is many of the people who comment on columns. This morning I resolved to stop reading any comments there.

For every insightful commenter who adds value to the discussion in the form of information I lacked, or some aspect I overlooked, I was wading through dozens of off-topic remarks, fake news, racist diatribes, or the ever-popular “You’re wrong. It doesn’t do that; it does this [insert exactly what I had said],” along with “No, you’re wrong; you said [insert something the opposite of what I said].”

The last straw was a commenter who, on an analysis of a gun control bill, simply declared that I was racist and homophobic. I have no idea what prompted that since neither race nor preference had anything to do with what I wrote and were never mentioned.

James Hogan’s novel Mission to Minerva involved a quantum, multidimensional multiverse in which a character suggested that ridiculous disagreements over facts or complete non sequiturs might be attributed to quantum leakage between close, almost identical universes. That might explain some of the comments I see; the poster read a different column in another universe, then accidentally slipped over here to type a response.

I did learn one thing, though. To avoid some of those misunderstandings, I”’ need to write at a lower reading grade level at TTAG than I do here or at TZP. And I need to put more effort into explaining cause/effects, showing logic chains, and explaining assumptions which I thought to be fairly basic.

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One thought on “Commenters

  1. Mark January 8, 2020 / 1:02 pm

    wont help

    If you could reason with democrats, there would not be any democrats.


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