An Open Letter to Virginia Democrats

I just ranted about how the media is lying about Monday’s VCDL Lobby Day rally. Allow me to explain the lie in greater detail to the real victims in Virginia.

Dear urban Democrats who elected these psychopathic crime-enablers,

You fucked up. You elected Democrats who promised to reduce “gun” violence. And give you lots of free shit, of course. Plus, you probably thought you were sticking it to those damned rural redneck Republicans. Look at the bills they filed. Look at what they really gave you exchange for your votes. They lied. You should have noticed that their lips were moving.

The bills they’ve filed:

  • Ignore criminal activity.
  • Ease bail requirements.
  • Reduce penalties for criminal convictions.
  • Restore more felon rights.

Look it up. There are hundreds of bills, so it will require work, but do it.

There is nothing in there about enhanced sentencing for violent criminals, no task force to stop illegal gun trafficking, no push to recover stolen guns.

Sure, they’re also planning to give you more free shit, and that’s why you really voted for them. Who doesn’t want free shit? But there’s a catch.

They’re making it easier for criminals to steal all that free shit from you.

And just in case you catch on — finally, if unlikely even with this warning, because you are dumbasses — and decide you need a gun at long last to defend your life and free shit, tough shit.

Sorry, they’re making that tougher. Expensive background checks making firearms less affordable for poor folks. Waiting periods so you’re out that money you can’t really spare and still without protection. One gun a month rationing; you’ll have to decide if daddy going to work on midshift needs protection more than mommy watching the kids. And many of the best home defense guns will be banned (outright if they get their way, but — bare minimum — no one who doesn’t have one already will be allowed to get one, BFYTW). More “gun-free” zones where you suckers become a helpless targets of violent criminals who obey gun laws as much as they obey laws against robbery.

If you happen to already have guns for your — and your children — protection, they have bills to let them take those guns from you even if you’ve never committed a crime, and even if there’s no proof that you are going to commit a crime. All it takes is an unsubstantiated claim from a thug who wants a unarmed victim that someone in your home might, maybe, someday, perhaps. You don’t even get a hearing first. But they’ll take your guns very publicly, ensuring the neighborhood thugs know you’re helpless.

If you resist the police when they try to take them, they can kill you. After they drag your body away, the scavengers can come take all the free shit you no longer have a use for.

If you do survive the seizure, you’re now easy meat for the freelance thugs.

That’s right dumbasses. In exchange for your votes for free shit and “preventing gun violence” your delegates and senators and governor are ensuring you’re fodder for their real constituents: The violent criminals. Why did you think McAuliffe restored voting rights for 200,000 felons?

Enjoy being fleeced of your free shit, and slaughtered. You voted for it.


Apparently One of the Last Remaining Sane People in America

[Permission to republish this article is granted — and encouraged — so long as it is not edited, and the author is credited.]

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