Morphing VCDL’s Lobby Day for Fun and Profit

I’ve noticed a trend in “news” reporting in the past few days, and this morning it was particularly obvious. It really hit me when I read one piece. Darned if I remember where it was, so… no link. But hit any mainstream media source and you’ll see the same general thing.

It was a report about the “protest” in Virginia on Monday. All about how “The Base” would be there, the “ultra-violent” Unite the Right, militias, white supremicists, the expected levels of violence, and so on and so forth. You had to go down ten or twelve paragraphs before you got any mention that this is an annual Lobby Day sponsored by Virginia Citizens Defense League. At that, it didn’t even say a word about what VCDL is lobbying for.

The media are doing their damnedest to ensure that an event — which has been peaceful, nonviolent, even friendly petitioning of government for 18 years — is as bloodily click-worthy as they can make it this year.

The stories — can’t call it news, because it’s becoming pure speculative fiction — that bother mentioning the actual topic portray it as right-wing gun nuts threatening death and destruction in opposition to a few reasonable crime fighting bills.

Take a look at the bills filed in the Virginia Assembly, and show me a single one that addresses actual crimes committed with firearms.

Illegal trafficking? No. Not there.

Enhanced penalties for criminal use of a firearm? No.

A task force dedicated to recovering stolen firearms? No.

How about a ban on the class of firearms most used in crime? Nope, they’re trying to ban the firearms least used in crime, but more commonly used defensively.

If you bother looking, you will find bills easing bail, restoring more felon rights, and reducing penalties for crimes.

You’ll find bills making it tougher to defend themselves against the criminals the delegates, senators and governor are enabling. Bill that make it harder for poor people to get defensive tools, and force them to choose between daddy having protection going to work on midshift or mommy protecting the kids at home.

But you won’t see that at any of the mainstream fictional-BS networks. Nothing about VCDL trying to peacefully protect everyone‘s rights, rural or urban, Democrat or Republican, rich or poor. All you’ll see is “nasty evil Jew-hating crackers are coming to kill the righteous blacks and Democrats.”

I guess civil war — or more likely Hunting Season is good for ratings.

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