Aesop loses his shit

…because the VCDL Lobby Day rally didn’t.

In the lead up to the January rally, Aesop spilled a great deal of virtual ink on ridicule laced with gratuitous profanity all over the incipient rally attendees. He was absolutely sure the rally would devolve into mass violence due to moles, false flag operators, and Pantifa. Certain.

He even believed the news reports that The Base dipshits busted in Maryland were going to the rally to shoot people. Aesop should have read closer. What the FBI actually said is that they were concerned that the Nazi wannabes might go because they’d discussed it once. And their apparent “leader” seems to have been a CI.

Aesop should have read the warrant affidavit which made no mention whatsoever of the rally.

I had concerns about the rally myself. But I saw that it was inevitable; the rally was going to occur even if VCDL called it off and convinced Virginia members to stay home. So I made some specific suggestions for how to try to keep things under control.

Whether it was coincidence, good sense, or Van Cleave happened to read my column, what I suggested is what they did. Video showed a few people who tried to stir shit up, but the sane attendees locked it down. As of this morning, the mainstream media is sadly reporting the tragedy of exactly zero violent incidents. I saw one report of one Pantifa idiot arrested for wearing a mask.

So we got a large rally — the lowest mainstream media estimate I’ve seen was 22,000 — that went off, basically, without a hitch. Bearing in mind that it wasn’t much about actual lobbying by that point (pointless with the VA .gov thoroughly controlled by anti-rights Dems), sane people would call it a success. Media coverage showing gun owners to be a whole lot of nice people who don’t go on mass murder sprees.

Aesop, who has sacrificed any respect I once had for his opinions, disagrees. In his imaginary alternate universe, the rally was only peaceful because the attendees were Paul-Reubenesque sheep who passively allowed themselves to be caged, where they were protected by 2,000 cops who bravely protected them from themselves.

Bull fucking shit, Aesop. As I suggested, the vast majority of rallyers never entered the fenced area; based on several images, I figured 20% or less were inside the fence. The other 80% or so packed the perimeter blocks deep. Aside from one arrest of the Pantifa pisswit, every incipient incident I’ve seen was controlled by rallyers, not the police.

Dems being what they are, it’s unlikely this was a lobbying success (but I’ll wait to see if maybe some sense got scared into anyone). But…

The media, carefully watching for gratuitous violence to drive ratings and clicks, were forced to show peaceful assembly by a huge number of dedicated freedom lovers who tolerated even the leftie idiots trying to start shit. The media was tricked into showing gun owners as decent people who don’t start shit, but are ready — and equipped — to stop it.


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