Arrest & Charge These Scumbags Already

There was a killing recently in Brunswick, Georgia. It’s BS. And everyone seems to be is covering for the killer.

Black man running through Brunswick neighborhood shot, killed
No one disputes that the son of a former Brunswick District Attorney’s Office investigator shot and killed Ahmaud Arbery, but he was not charged because he claimed he was acting within the scope of a citizen’s arrest.

Travis McMichael has avoided charges not because he was making a valid citizen’s arrest. He was not charged because he’s connected to the good ol’ boy network. His father, Greg McMichael, an accomplice in the murder, is a former District Attorney investigator.

911 transcript:

McMichael: “I’m out here at Satilla Shores and there’s a black man running down the street.”

911 dispatcher: “I just need to know what he was doing wrong, was he just on the premises and not supposed to be?”

McMichael: “And he’s been caught on the camera a bunch before at night. It’s an ongoing thing out here.”

Even when asked directly, McMichael did not articulate any actual offense, no probable cause for an arrest, citizen’s or police.

According to the police report, McMichael was calling called for his son, Travis, who “grabbed his shotgun because they didn’t know if the male was armed or not.”

Police said the elder McMichael armed himself with his .357 handgun…

Planning with aforethought, they armed themselves. Without probable cause.

…and the two followed Arbery for two blocks before, according to the report…

They unnecessarily — without probable cause — followed the victim, placing themselves in their perceived danger.

McMichael shouted: “Stop, stop we want to talk to you.” They pulled up next to him and police said the former investigator’s son “exited the truck with a shotgun.”

Travis McMichael initiated the encounter, aggressively approaching the victim with a weapon.

McMichael told police Arbery then “violently attacked his son, and the two men started fighting over the shotgun…

No. An “attack” would have been Arbery approaching McMichael and initiating aggression. McMichael presented himself as a reasonably viewed armed threat. Arbery, if we even believe this account, defended himself.

If some stranger pulled up to me in a truck, shouting, then jumped out and came at me with a shotgun, I’ll sure as hell defend myself. And I won’t be unarmed.

In fact, I recall an incident several years ago. I was in the Air Force, TDY to Wright-Pat, and on an odd shift. For exercise, I went on walks through the surrounding neighborhood. One evening, a car pulled up. A man addressed me politely, identifying himself as a police officer. He and his partner got out of the vehicle without drawn weapons. They politely explained there had been burglaries in the area, and politely asked me a few reasonable questions to determine that I was not connected to them. They left. I went back to my hotel. No shouting, no guns drawn, no shooting. That’s not what these killers did.

Travis McMichael fired two shots, killing Arbery. Police said the McMichaels rolled Arbery over to see if he a weapon before. No weapon was found.

I’ve yet to see a photo of the shotgun, or any statement of make and model. Statistically, it’s most likely to be a pump-action shotgun. This suggests that Travis McMichael shot unarmed victim Arbery at near-contact range with a shotgun (i.e.- massive damage), racked the slide, aimed, and fired a second time. At an unarmed man, in an encounter he initiated himself.

All this because Arbery had been seen regularly jogging through the neighborhood, “a bunch before.” Without having witnessed Arbery commit a crime, they assumed he had burglarized someone else’s under-construction house. They weren’t even the alleged victims of that crime.

Without probable cause, they decided to pursue Arbery, armed themselves, got into a vehicle, chased down an unarmed man, and shot him to death.

Anyone not in the good ol’ boy network would have been arrested, charged with first degree murder, and have bond set in the multiple $100Ks.

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