NBC and NYT still trying for ChinCOVID panic

Ah, NBC; that non-biased COVID-19 fact-checking Trump on COVID-19.

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in 21 states, according to data compiled by The New York Times. There is some indication that expanded testing is catching more cases, but public health experts say that in reality, the surges are due to states’ reopening and people’s relaxing their social distancing protocols.

And Ms. Timm’s source for that, the NYT, is still full of bovine excrement.

Despite even their graph showing a clear decline in Georgia’s new daily cases, they claim we’re still “mostly the same.” BS.

Georgia’s new cases have definitely declined. What the NYT isn’t telling readers is that 6,207 of Georgia’s 53,249 cases — 11.7% — are antibody-positives. By definition, even though they are reported as post-lockdown, they are old cases. Antibody testing largely started just after the lockdown lifted. All of those represent old cases that should be reported as “new” on past dates. Instead, the state is graphing viral and antibody testing together, reporting antibody as new, and creating an imaginary post-lockdown surge.

A proper viral-positive curve would show an even higher peak, and a rapid decline. Not a double peak.

And if Timm at NBC, and the NYT, were interested in truth and facts, they could have noted that antibody testing suggests that 5.9% of Georgia’s population — 626,428 — had ChinCOVID, never knew it, got over it, and developed immunity. Add that to the known 47,974 cases, and that brings Georgia’s COVID-19 mortality rate down to 0.34%.

Oh, well. I probably can’t expect unbiased accuracy from Timm.

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