About that Albuquerque shooting

I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Terrible Bad Man shoots innocent protestor.

Then we hear that… Whoa, the crowd was attacking him; pursuing him, and he fired in self defense.

Then the lefties point out that the incident really started when TBM threw a Poor Innocent Woman to the ground. Since he initiated the aggression, he can’t claim self defense after all. And there’s video to prove it!

Not so fast. I wasn’t able to see that video until today, because Twitter kept pulling it down. But today, some tweeted it and as I write it’s still there. And I manged to save a copy just in case it vanishes. Again.

Watch it. What an objective viewer — I have no dog in this fight — will see is that PIW was actually blocking TBM, side-stepping to keep blocking him as he moved away. And then we get to this.

Yep, PIW aggressively leaned back against TBM. Look at her legs and where her center-mass is. She’s pushing against him using her legs. If you didn’t notice that before, go watch the video again. I did, several times, in slow motion.

PIW initiated contact, and aggressively pushed TBM. I’d have to check New Mexico’s current laws — but I won’t because I don’t have a dog in this fight, remember? — but when I lived there, PIW’s action would have been assault. I do know that if this had happened in Georgia, it would be assault under our laws.

TBM tried to avoid PIW. PIW assaulted him. He retaliated by throwing her to the ground (which would have been pretty easy since she’d put herself off-balance. He disengaged. The crowd pursued. More assaults against TBM ensued, followed by hiliarious gunfire.

Unless someone comes up with more video showing Baca initiating force before the PIW throwdown, I’m inclined to call Baca’s action legitimate self defense.

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