Georgia ChinCOVID Deaths

As of this writing, Georgia reports 2,642 ChinCOVID deaths. 1,182 of those were in long-term care facilities.


I think we’ve identified the primary morbidity indicator. Jeez; Georgia wasn’t even one of the states that made the homicidal call to require nursing homes take in ChinCOVID patients. Having spoken to Georgia nurses who’ve worked in nursing homes over the years, I’m willing to place the blame on the administrators.

Amusingly, the Journal constipation, like other muddia outlets, is spinning the “surge” in “new” cases.

Georgia just reported 1,800 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, the highest number the state has reported in a single day since the pandemic started.


The Georgia Department of Public Health on Saturday reported 1,800 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the statewide total to 63,809.

Not quite. GA DPH actually reported 89 new cases on Saturday (preliminary). The other 1,711 were old cases just now being reported. Judging by the changing graph, some of those cases may go back to as early as May 11. Not all the labs use electronic reporting, so there can be rather long lag times before DPH hears about cases; that’s why DPH calls the recent numbers “preliminary.” But implying that there were 1,800 new cases in a single day is much scarier.

If some of those “new” cases are as old as they appear, the folks could have recovered by the time they were reported. If you’ll look at DPH’s “Cumulative Cases” graph, you should note there is no huge surge; the cases were spread over so many days that the curve remains linear until it begins flattening out on June 18.

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