More CinCOVID Panic-Propaganda

Case growth outpacing testing in coronavirus hotspots
28 states had more new cases than testing
21 had more testing than new cases
My thought bubble: Even if testing did explain why America’s official coronavirus caseload has doubled over the last month, that would be little cause for comfort; it’d only indicate that we have a worse problem than we’d thought.

What you see there is a flat out, deliberate lie. Sure; sue me. But be prepared to lose a whole lot of money when you lose.

One: It is absolutely impossible to have more confirmed cases than tests, because testing is how cases are confirmed.

Two: While the propagandists state “cases” and “testing,” the little charts are not cases/testing. They are percent change in cases/testing, which is a very different thing.

Three: Taking Georgia as an example, at the April new daily cases peak, the state was doing around 2,500-3,000 tests per day, and seeing a peak of 829 cases per day. To be tested then, one had to have symptoms consistent with ChinCOVID; so asymptomatic cases would not be detected.

Georgia is now doing in excess of 23,000 tests per day, and it’s now free and open to anyone, no symptoms required; now they can see the asymptomatic cases they missed before. On June 26, they report a peak of 2,879 cases per day (data newer than June 22 is preliminary, as it takes weeks for all the tests to come in; in fact, tests come back for dates several weeks in the past).

Georgia’s daily testing has increased by nearly 10 times. Georgia’s new daily cases has increased… 3.4 times. Georgia’s hospitalization rate has been dropping since April, despite the case increase. Georgia’s daily deaths rate have been dropping since April, despite the case increase.

Georgia’s case increase is the widespread asymptomatic/mild cases that have been there for months, but were previously missed because they deliberately avoided looking at them, until well after the state lockdown lifted.

ChinCOVID is the common cold. Unless you are elderly, have co-morbidities, or both, your chances of dying from it are damned near ZERO. Those who are elderly, have co-morbidities, or both are also at risk of death from any other common cold or the seasonal flu. Which is why deliberately putting ChinCOVID patients in longterm care facilities with the elderly, people with co-morbidities, or both, was murderous; those responsible for deaths there must face homicide charges.

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