Ain’t that interesting.

According to the state, my county has had 173 new ChinCOVID cases in the week of 7/27-8/2. How terrible. We’re all going to die.

But according to the Coastal Health District, they only performed 111 tests. So how did they confirm the extra 62 cases? For that matter, how did they even get tests back that quickly?

And that assumes all 111 tests were positive. Which would be surprising, since CHD’s percent-positive rate (district overall; they don’t break that out by county) peaked at 10.5% a month ago, and has been declining ever since. Did my county magically hit 100%? What does that say about the other counties in the district? If we were 100%, the others had to average even less that 10.5% to get that overall average.

And there’s still the matter of 62 more cases than tests.

Let’s look at some other numbers. Georgia publicly reports 197,948 cumulative cases as 8/4, with 3,921 deaths. Bot lo ‘n behold, they’ve only reported 2,922 ChinCOVID (ICD-10 code U07.1; test-confirmed or “we called it that even without tests”) to the CDC. In fact, the CDC only has 140,571 U07.1 deaths for the entire United States from 2/1/2020 to 8/1/202. Compare that to the 154,471 deaths the CDC claims elsewhere, without specifically saying those are U07.1.

Where did they dig up the extra 13,900? The higher number includes Puerto Rico and other US territories, which the lower number doesn’t (50 states and DC), but the territories only added 245 deaths. A far cry from 13,900.

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2 thoughts on “Ain’t that interesting.

    • Bear August 20, 2020 / 2:27 pm

      Meh. Turns out the county isn’t reporting all tests. They report only the ones for which the health department collected specimens; not those collected by hospitals, clinics, workplaces, etc.

      In fact, I figured out that the county-reported data is so bad, I deleted my bookmarks for it. So now I have to get my county data from the state, which has it’s own little issues (but is still one of the most transparent and accessible of all the states).

      And that video definitely confirmed my suspicion about the rapid pathogen tests: entire families of coronavirsuses.


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