ChinCOVID: Sturgis “Surge”

You probably heard about the study that found the Sturgis motorcycle rally was a ChinCOVID “super-spreader” event that caused more than 260,000 new cases of ChinCOmmon cold nationwide, “As of August 29,
2020.” I gotta say, that seems unlikely.

The Sturgis rally started August 7.

August 6 ChinC-virus case count: 5, 033,838

August 29 case count: 6,132,996

Increase: 1,099,158

The researchers are claiming that 23.65% — nearly a quarter –of all new cases in the US came from one motorcycle event in South Dakota. Not all the demonstrations/protests/riots/terrorism/campaign rallies/life-almost-as-usual going on in major — large, densely populated — cities across the country.

One rally in a small, isolated South Dakota town.


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