Fuck Twitter

A week ago, I got locked out of Twitter for the thought-crime of “glorifying violence.” A few days before that, The Zelman Partisans was locked out of their Twitter account for “glorifying violence.” This was, as the alert might have guessed, related to our support of Kyle Rittenhouse, the kid who did his damnedest to avoid trouble, but was forced by multiple attackers to defend himself.

What did we do?


About the only thing anyone can really critique is, “Why was he there at all?” Question answered:

  • After he got off work as a lifeguard at a Kenosha pool, he volunteered to do civic service.
  • He started by cleaning graffiti off a school.
  • Then he moved to clean up at local businesses.
  • Equipped with a first aid kit, he patrolled and gave assistance to at least one injured rioter.


And this.

Shall we list those “acts of violence” I “celebrated”?

He was a lifeguard.
He volunteered to clean graffiti.
He was asked to watch over shops.
He rendered 1st aid to rioters.
He helped put out a fire.
He ran from attackers.

Please share, but be aware of the risk.


Blocking me wasn’t one of those “Oops. We ‘accidentally’ blocked someone with libertarian/conservative views for no reason again.” This was deliberate. On appeal,

Our support team has determined that a violation did take place, and therefore we will not overturn our decision.


Twitter (and other social media I flat refused to have anything to do with) have pre-convicted Kyle. And in calling my columns “glorifying violence” Twitter has, in my belief, defamed me. Anyone who has read my work for the past twenty-five years knows bloody well that I don’t glorify violence; I think violence should be avoided if possible, and never initiated.

Twitter says I can come back and generate more income for them if I simply obey orders and delete the tweet they are hiding from the public anyway.

Fuck ’em.

My time is better spent on work. And that work includes tracking down a very interesting lead concerning Kyle Rittenhouse’s arrest warrant. It’s too soon to be sure, but words like “fraud,” “perjury,” “false arrest,” and “deprivation of rights under color of law” already come to mind. We’ll see.

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