Finally, A Correct Headline

I’ve been seeing articles about the feds providing 100+ million “Covid-19” tests. Problem is, it ain’t. The Washington Examiner actually gets it right.

Trump announces distribution of 150M rapid coronavirus tests
President Trump announced on Monday that his administration will distribute 150 million Abbott coronavirus tests that produce results in just 15 minutes.

The Abbot “rapid antigen test” will pop positive for ChinCOVID, and for several other coronaviruses. It detects protein configurations from the virus protein coat. While the internal RNA is pretty specific, the protein coat configuration can be shared by a lot of strains.

If you pop positive on this RAT, you might have ChinCOVID. Or you might not; you might have the common cold. By itself, a positive RAT only means you’re infected with something, and you need a PCR RNA test to confirm whether it is ChinCOVID.

Sadly, some states are using RATs to formally “diagnose” ChinCOVID, stupidly driving up their “ChinCOVID” numbers with “cases” that aren’t. A RAT is for screening, not for diagnosis.

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