Outa Here: I Have A New Blog Location

As noted previously, WordPress is mucking with users. Specifically, a “block editor” that annoys most users. It turns out that you can actually get to the old “classic editor,” but to do so requires playing around with several recursive menu layers. They didn’t bother telling users this prior to implementing the block crap; and all my earlier working shortcuts are screwed. So I’m abandoning wordpress.com, lest their next bright idea further fuck with me.

But I will still be blogging. You can find me at:

Bear Bussjaeger 

I’ll still be using the WP CMS there (to eliminate the learning curve for a different CMS), but I’m using a legacy install, pre-block.

Folks have pointed out that some of my posts here have been extensively linked by third parties. If I delete this blog, all that is lost. So I’ll leave it abandoned in place.

For now. After my last exchange with the unprofessionally condescending “Happiness Engineers” of Automattic, they just might delete the blog themselves.

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