Libtard Lexicon: Words (used to) have meaning

Conference of Mayors passes resolutions favoring gun control
The conference is advocating measures to strengthen the regulation of gun sales and dealers, as well as ban assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

“The U.S. Conference has a 50-year history of formally adopting and aggressively promoting strong policies to reduce gun violence, all consistent with its support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution,” the group said.

Libtard Lexicon: support: to eviscerate, destroy, eradicate

Puts me in mind of this little idiot.

STAY IN SCHOOL: “Boy Wonder” Doesn’t Even Know Basic English
“The $15 minimum wage is to help spur gun violence in lower income communities so kids don’t have to resort to crime to subsidize their income help raise their family. Right now it’s right around the anniversary Pulse nightclub”
— David Hogg (@davidhogg111) June 11, 2018

Libtard Lexicon: spur: to end, stop, prevent

Next time I hear these clowns insisting on a national conversation on “gun violence,” I’m going to demand to see a certificate of successful completion for an ESL class.


My shocked face: no actual kidnapping by the Redhead League

Remember the little black kid kidnapped by a gang of renegade circus clowns by six redheads in a red truck with flames on the side, with the leader wearing an arm tat that read “I hate black people”?

Never happened.

Do tell.

But I liked this at the end of the article:

On Eyewitness News at 6 p.m., you’ll hear from a longtime resident of the street where Parker said he was abducted and why he never believed the story.

What? There was someone in the entire country — with the possible exception of the punk’s mother — who did believe it?

I have my suspicions

Tens Of Millions Of Taxpayer Dollars Missing From Philadelphia’s Largest Cash Account
The City of Philadelphia isn’t sure where $33.3 million went from its largest cash account.
[City Controller Rebecca] Rhynhart is demanding the city’s Finance and Treasury Department find the missing money.
Rhynhart says the previous controller noticed the issues with the account as far back as 2014. Now, the city has hired an outside accounting firm to pick up the slack and find the cash at the cost of $500,000.

Funny how millions of dollars can go missing, and no one sweats it until they get a new controller.

“We need to reconcile our books. Reconcile is not missing. The notion the money is missing is not true and we’ll get to the bottom of it and correct it,” said Mayor Jim Kenney.

Uh huh. Odd thing for the mayor to say about money that is missing. I have a couple of ideas about where they can start looking. But I’m the cynical sort.

March for Our Lies*: Such Dedication

The victim disarming gun controllers of March for Our Lives planned a die-in gun control protest in Atlanta today.

Atlanta ‘die-in’ gun-law protest cancelled due to weather
The group announced on various social media pages that the event had been cancelled because of “safety concerns arising from the weather forecast.” The group said it planned to reschedule the rally and protest.

That seemed odd. I took a look at weather radar: No precipitation.

Current conditions: 73 degrees and cloudy.

Forecast: 70% chance of scattered thunderstorms around 3PM, well after their demonstration of resolve panty-twisting.

In short, June in Georgia. It’s about the same here right now, except we’re up to 80 degrees.

I can imagine the scene in the MFOL coordinators’ basement.

“Hey, guys; there’s a chance of thunderstorms later today.”


“Yeah, rain, lightning, thunder..”


“Sure, you know… boom.”

“Boom? OMG! Shots fired! Lockdown! Safe space! Teddy bears and emotional support puppies!”

“Cancel the die-in! The NRA is coming!”

Run away! Run away!

I imagine they’re all cowering in closets.

* Not a typo.