Email Issues

If you have sent email to my bear-at-bussjaeger-dot-us address and haven’t gotten a reply, it’s because I didn’t receive it. It seems the hosting company I was using is somewhat less than competent.

I’ve moved to another provider. You can resend to bear-at-bussjaeger-dot-us and I should get it, or you can contact me at carl-at-bussjaeger-dot-org.

For the record, you don’t want to host with They used to be pretty good, but something changed recently, very much for the worse.

Get Stuff

No, not stuffed. Stuff.

If you’ll glance to the right, you’ll see some new widgets. There’s a link to a page where you can download free ebooks: Net Assets, the sequel Bargaining Position, the short story collection The Anarchy Belt, and A Little Pussy… the short story, not…

Anyway, you’ll also find links to buy Sweet Meteor O’Death campaign bumper stickers and yard signs. Show your support.