I choose to #BelieveWomen when Mrs. Irby admitted to felonies.

Prosecuting Florida woman who turned in estranged husband’s guns sets ‘scary precedent,’ lawmaker says
“Ms. Irby was seeking help from the Lakeland Police Department and taking action to protect herself and her children,” Eskamani, a Democrat, said in the letter to Polk County State Attorney Brian Haas. “We should be outraged by her arrest, and I am requesting that your office not prosecute her.”

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Politicization of Gun Control Leads to Charging Problems

A Sacramento cop was killed by Some Asshole during a domestic violence call. The case looked fairly straight-forward: looking at the perp’s record, he’s a long-time scumbag, and he pretty clearly did it. Fry him (or whatever California does these days).

And then I started getting a look at the charging document.
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Swalwell’s Cunning Plan

I’ve been going through presidential delusionist Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell’s A National Framework to End Gun Violence. This is the plan he presented yesterday to his almost-dozens of confused supporters.

It’s a rambling mess, intermixing gun control with various sorts of social engineering. I’m focusing on the anti-2A stuff here; the social engineering may call for another column, but only after a good, stiff drink.

The gun control take-away is:

Feel free to stop reading now. But if you are interested in Dukie’s brilliant plan, here goes.
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2A: All About Muskets?

The next victim-disarming idiot who uses a smart phone connected to a computer network operating over fiber optic lines to tell me the framers of the Constitution and the Second Amendment never envisioned modern firearms, and that the Second Amendment only protects muskets is getting bitch-slapped.

James Madison, known for his role in drafting the Bill of Rights (including that pesky 2A) lived through the rise of repeating firearms, breechloaders, paper cartridges, percussion caps, metallic cartridges, pinfire cartridges, centerfire cartridges, revolvers, and mass production of firearms.

Heck, an early machinegun was pitched to the US War Office in 1812, and patented in 1813 — during Madison’s presidency (and was a refinement of a 16th century machinegun).

Yet never once did Madison stop and say, “Whoa, guys! We didn’t have any of this new shit in mind. the Second Amendment is just for muskets.”

VA Gov pushing for rights-violations that wouldn’t even help

I’ll lead with this quote:

Ralphie ‘Coonman’ Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste. Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish. So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.
– New Jovian Thunderbolt

Next up is ‘Coonman’s’ tyranny wishlist, petulantly demanded in response to the Virgina Beach murders.

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Jeez. THAT argument again.

I somehow ended up at a congresscritter’s Twitter feed, where he was expressing sympathy for the folks of Virginia Beach. Most of the replies were demands for — never defined — new victim disarmament laws.

So I issued a challenge: propose specific constitutional laws which — if in place — would have prevented chumbucket’s murders.


But one Mike Taxter did take the time to declare that, ” Silencers, semi automatics, high capacity magazines and gun clips are not a 2A right.”

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Stop doing that, Annabelle

Annabelle Hargreaves (Why stricter gun laws are needed, May 10,2019) fears “we” are going to depopulate the country through gun violence.

“I’m so sorry that you can’t look at the whole picture and realize that we are killing far too many of our children and grandchildren. If we continue down this deadly path, there will be no one left to carry on in any society, socialist or democratic.”

At 39,773 firearms-related deaths per year, and a starting — and static, for the sake of discussion — population of 328,826,065, we could be in real trouble in about 8,000 years.

I’m not killing any children or grandchildren. If Ms. Hargreaves is, I suggest she stop it.