No rights were violated in the making of this travesty of justice.

So sayeth the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Because we find no violation of a clearly established right, we need not reach the other qualified immunity question of whether a constitutional violation occurred in the first place.

That’s the money quote. But let me tell you what it is in reference to.

From the “Factual Background” of this ruling we learn that

  • Cops were after a perp.
  • Perp entered someone else’s property.
  • Cops followed.
  • Cops put one adult and six children — all innocent bystanders, as the Court notes — on the ground at gunpoint, and cuffed the adult bystander for no reason.
  • Perp was in custody.
  • Dog came out, and was in no way perceived as a threat; not even by the cops.
  • So one cop — Coffee County Deputy Michael Vickers — shot at the dog, and missed.
  • Dog hid under the house.
  • Dog came back out, and still everyone agrees it was not a threat.
  • So Coffee County Deputy Michael Vickers shot at the dog again. And missed again.
  • Excuse me; he missed the dog. He shot a ten year-old boy, who was only 18 inches away from him.

You might think that using unnecessary force would taint the cop’s defense. You might think that negligently shooting a kid just inches away from him would be a bad thing. You could even wonder about the Coffee County Sheriffs Office marksmanship training. No prob, says the 11th Circuit.

We don’t even have to worry about any of that because shooting innocent children is “no violation of a clearly established right.” Qualified Immunity!

Well now. That certainly clears the way for post-birth abortions.

If you must be in Coffee County, Georgia, be on the lookout for this psychopath.

Reportedly, Vickers has an extensive history of violating rights um… excessive force ah… acting firmly and shooting at dogs. Protect yourself appropriately.

Cops and courts really need to consider the ramifications of their acts should hunting season ensue.

I choose to #BelieveWomen when Mrs. Irby admitted to felonies.

Prosecuting Florida woman who turned in estranged husband’s guns sets ‘scary precedent,’ lawmaker says
“Ms. Irby was seeking help from the Lakeland Police Department and taking action to protect herself and her children,” Eskamani, a Democrat, said in the letter to Polk County State Attorney Brian Haas. “We should be outraged by her arrest, and I am requesting that your office not prosecute her.”

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Politicization of Gun Control Leads to Charging Problems

A Sacramento cop was killed by Some Asshole during a domestic violence call. The case looked fairly straight-forward: looking at the perp’s record, he’s a long-time scumbag, and he pretty clearly did it. Fry him (or whatever California does these days).

And then I started getting a look at the charging document.
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Swalwell’s Cunning Plan

I’ve been going through presidential delusionist Eric “Duke Nukem” Swalwell’s A National Framework to End Gun Violence. This is the plan he presented yesterday to his almost-dozens of confused supporters.

It’s a rambling mess, intermixing gun control with various sorts of social engineering. I’m focusing on the anti-2A stuff here; the social engineering may call for another column, but only after a good, stiff drink.

The gun control take-away is:

Feel free to stop reading now. But if you are interested in Dukie’s brilliant plan, here goes.
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Told you so, Winkeler

Four months ago idjit Les Winkeler dismissed any and all concerns over Illinois’ SB0337. The bill was designed to make doing business as an FFL cost prohibitive.

I disagreed with him.

So does Lost Creek Trading Post in Marshall, Illinois.

RELOCATION OF LOST CREEK TRADING POST. After 14 1/2 years Lost Creek will be relocating to our Indiana location in August. / September 2019.
The Illinois Legislature’s Gun Dealer Licensing Act is unreasonable and cost prohibitive for us at this time. As of July 14th, we will be unable to sell firearms to you in Illinois. After this date, we may remain open a short time for sales of gun related items, but no firearms.
Presently we have everything except firearms at 10% off, (in store items only).
We would like to thank our friends and customers who have supported us over the years. It is sad that because of the lawmakers in Illinois, we are forced to close our store in Marshall.

Victim disarmers win. You were saying, Les?

VA Gov pushing for rights-violations that wouldn’t even help

I’ll lead with this quote:

Ralphie ‘Coonman’ Gosnell Northam, Democrat, and Governor of Virginia needs to not let any crisis go to waste. Mainly to distract from his position on infanticide, bedsheets, and shoe polish. So he is flagging the gun ban stuff in Virginia.
– New Jovian Thunderbolt

Next up is ‘Coonman’s’ tyranny wishlist, petulantly demanded in response to the Virgina Beach murders.

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But that never happens*


Four dead, 1 hurt in Darwin mass shooting
Four men are dead, a woman has been wounded and the alleged gunman responsible is in hospital after a bloody rampage in five different locations in Darwin.

I’m sure the victim disarmers insisting that we emulate Australia because they haven’t had a mass shooting since… (which was not true even before this) will be happy to explain why this doesn’t count either.

Lessee, known criminal, on parole, under electronic monitoring somehow gets a gun anyway.

And it’s a pump-action shotgun. That’s a Category C or D weapon; highly restricted. Licensing — based on specific and limited needs, if allowed at all — permission slips to transfer, usually can’t be transported off your property.

Another gun control success story.

* Barrycade Obummer.