Pantifa: The Kneecap Solution

It would seem desirable to devise a system which would make sure, first, that the riot would stop; and second, that only the leaders would feel the weight of social disapproval.

Let us consider such a means – the 22-caliber rimfire rifle. This weapon, properly sighted and equipped with a noise suppressor, may be used with surgical delicacy to neutralize mob leaders without risk to other members of the group, without noise and with scant danger of death to the subject. A low-velocity 22 bullet in the lung will not knock a man down, and in these days of modern antisepsis it will almost never kill him if he can get to a hospital in a reasonable time. It will, however, absolutely terminate his interest in leading a riot.

— Jeff Cooper, To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth

While I did not agree with all of Cooper’s opinions, I did admire him. Some of his techniques and advice have become dated — decades on — but for his time he was at the leading edge, honing that edge. But other things he had to say are timeless. Like the concept expressed above.

As we saw in Kenosha, Wisconsin, rioters do settle down a bit once their intended targets put a few of them down. But I think a slight modification of Cooper’s suggestion would work, without events having to escalate to the Rittenhouse Solution level.

  • .22 LR rifle
  • Scope with night vision capability (since the scumbags seem to wait for cover of darkness)
  • Standard or high velocity cartridges (here I differ from the Colonel)
  • Suppressor
  • Laser sight (you’ll see)
  • Rooftop

In our present circumstances, the law enforcement sniper teams will be looking for the embedded organizers; the agitators. The coordinators on bikes, the guys with the Bluetooth earpieces. The ones handing out bricks. Directing the mob down a particular street. The guy pointing and shouting, “Over there! Get the fascist!” but whom never seems to act himself until the mob is fully engaged and he has cover. The professional riot managers. Yes, the Pantifa scum are that organized. They are in the crowds actively conspiring, encouraging, inciting, and participating in acts of violence. They are criminals; legitimate LE targets.

De-organize them.

When the snipers have ID’d the coordinating offenders, light them up with the laser sight. Give them a few seconds to notice. Given Pantifa’s use of green laser pointers, I recommend red lasers so they will know the difference.

Then kneecap them. Another point where I differ from Cooper.

I suspect that these organizing agitators will take the message after a few of them take knee damage. Simply lasering them may become sufficient deterrence; especially if they glance down and see a dozen dancing dots on their chests. If not, you still have a magazine full of cartridges.

After a few such incidents, just putting up posters of red-dotted knees may be amusing.

If you are concerned about the legality of such an action by police, check your state’s use of force laws. In my state, the use of deadly force is authorized not merely to defend your own life, but that of others, and to stop a forcible felony.

The aggravated assaults, arson, bombings, and destruction of buildings in the typical Pantifa riot are forcible felonies. Those laser pointers they use to to flash eyes? I investigated them; they are Class 3B lasers and can inflict permanent retinal damage; blindness. That is serious bodily harm; forcible felony. Laws varying, and this tactic may not be appropriate in your area.

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This should make the prez election results interesting.

Iran has issued a warrant for the arrest of Trump and 35 others, for the killing of Soleimani, Iran’s ex-bossman for terror ops.

In the old days, when I still had hope for America, this would just be good for a chuckle. But we’ve entered the Crazocracy, which makes Heinlein’s “Crazy Years” look like short, well-behaved house party. But I think that education, reasoning ability, impulse control, schizophrenia, et al have irreversibly devolved to the point that…

Should Trump lose to whomever Dementia Boy Gropin’ Joe’s sock puppet handler turns out to be, there is a very strong possibility that the inbred idiots who believe that saying bad things about Trump makes them true, will extradite Trump to Iran.

They won’t consider the fact that Soleimani was a combatant conducting military operations. They won’t consider the impact on future foreign policy, or peacekeeping operations. They won’t consider the fact that the Iranian government hates America, not just Trump, and this won’t pacify them. They won’t consider the fact that they’ll establish the precedent that they in turn can be extradited for hurting some enemy country’s feelz. All that will count is Orange Man bad, get him!.

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Demon Summoning 101

Via David Codrea, I ran across an interesting little “children’s” book, A Children’s Book of Demons (paid referral link).

Don’t want to take out the trash tonight? Maybe you’re swimming in homework? Perhaps that big bully is being a real drag? Well grab your coloured pencils and sigil drawing skills and dial up some demons! But be careful, even if these spirits are more silly than scary they are still demons.

I have to admit, while I haven’t read it (it’s out of stock), I disapprove. It might even be a funny read. For grownups.

But this book is marketed for “Age Range: 5 – 10 years.” I think the last thing parents should be encouraging in small children is the idea that they can and should be calling up evil beings to prank and torment people just for the hell of it, without consequences.

Not that I think there’s a danger of kids actually summoning demons. I’d be vert surprised if any of those “spells” is at all effective. But I really don’t want them taking the concept and applying more effective summonings. Because there are some.

Here’s one:

Material Component: One cash-purchased, pre-paid cell phone.

You’ll need the true name and location of your target. Then you “dial up” 9-1-1, and speak the magical incantation:

Yeah, yeah. This is [target’s true name]. I just killed them all! And when the effing cops get here, I’ll get them, too. ‘Cause I’m tired of their shit, harassing me all the damned time.

911: Sir, what is your location?

You know where I’m at! Your cops are always watching me. Now I’m watching back.

911: Sir, I need your address.

I’m at [target’s address], and you know it!

And demons promptly appear and wreak your vengeance on the poor sucker.

That’s why I disapprove of the book. It teaches kids that inflicting the forces of evil on other folks, without placing themselves at risk — no consequences — is just clean fun.

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Apparently I am a machinegun attack survivor

Who knew?

This 18-Year-Old Mass Shooting Survivor Is Running For Office — And Someone Just Tried To Stab Him
Guns are something McClinton thinks about a lot. After surviving a mass shooting near his church in May 2016, he helped to organize the March for Our Lives Houston rally, where 15,000 people turned out in Texas to protest gun violence.

For professional reasons, I try to stay informed on mass shootings, but I was drawing a blank on a 2016 church mass shooting in Texas. But I finally found it; a gas station at Wycliffe and Memorial Drive in Houston. Doesn’t sound a lot like a church. How “near” was he? Continue reading

Chemical Warfare

Pharmaceutical fentanyl dosages are measured in micrograms. 288 micrograms should be sufficient to make a user feel pretty good all day.

Let’s say a major illegal drug supplier wants to boost product potency by lacing his whatever with bootleg fentanyl. Our hypothetical supplier is major, so he — through a network of distributors and street dealers — has one million end users.

That calls for one million 288mcg doses. That’s 288 grams. But he wants to keep enough on hand for 30 days of operations. More than that and he has too much tied up in inventory overhead, and risks losing it in a bust. 8,640 grams; 8.64 kilos.

Continue reading