Apparently I am a machinegun attack survivor

Who knew?

This 18-Year-Old Mass Shooting Survivor Is Running For Office — And Someone Just Tried To Stab Him
Guns are something McClinton thinks about a lot. After surviving a mass shooting near his church in May 2016, he helped to organize the March for Our Lives Houston rally, where 15,000 people turned out in Texas to protest gun violence.

For professional reasons, I try to stay informed on mass shootings, but I was drawing a blank on a 2016 church mass shooting in Texas. But I finally found it; a gas station at Wycliffe and Memorial Drive in Houston. Doesn’t sound a lot like a church. How “near” was he? Continue reading

Chemical Warfare

Pharmaceutical fentanyl dosages are measured in micrograms. 288 micrograms should be sufficient to make a user feel pretty good all day.

Let’s say a major illegal drug supplier wants to boost product potency by lacing his whatever with bootleg fentanyl. Our hypothetical supplier is major, so he — through a network of distributors and street dealers — has one million end users.

That calls for one million 288mcg doses. That’s 288 grams. But he wants to keep enough on hand for 30 days of operations. More than that and he has too much tied up in inventory overhead, and risks losing it in a bust. 8,640 grams; 8.64 kilos.

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