New York jumps on the 3D freakout bandwagon

And shows their ignorance of the law.

Cuomo Issues Cease and Desist to 3-D Printed Gun File Distributor
Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a cease and desist letter on Tuesday to block residents in New York from downloading files that could be used to create guns with a 3-D printer.

I expected this. And it’s getting fun. They’ll have to track down everyone generating printer files and issue individual C&D letters… outside of their jurisdiction.

But wait! There’s more.

Their legislation would require an individual to have a gunsmith license to manufacture or assemble a gun that’s been printed. That individual would also have to register the gun with law enforcement and attach a serial number to the firearm. Those guns would be illegal to buy or sell without a serial number in New York.

Transferring firearms without serial numbers is already a violation of federal law (as is unlicensed manufacture for sale). You’d think gun control experts would know that.

I’m waiting for C&Ds to hardware stores selling pipe suitable for zip guns (which are easier, quicker, and cheaper to make… and more reliable).

But for those who believe in 3D-printed, fully-functional, plastic guns, check out The 3D AR Challenge! I think I’ll be handing out more Darwin Awards than 3D-printed ammunition.

Junk Scientists for Gun Control!

To see funding sources for this utter crap, you need a paid subscription. I lack the resources for that. Drop some cash in my Tip Jar if you’d like to see me follow up in depth on stuff like this.

But I suspect Your Tax Dollars At Work.

Youth Opinions About Guns and Gun Control in the United States
Young activists and mass-shooting survivors in the United States have recently been organizing protests and demanding increased gun control measures. Although national polls have tracked adult opinions about gun control policies for decades, little is known about how youth feel about guns and/or gun control. Because the youth perspective is a powerful factor in the public debate, the goal of this study was to characterize youth opinions on guns and gun control.

First problem: How they “feel,” not what they think, or what they know.

Second problem: Methodology.

Participants were self selected. That is, people who feel strongly for gun control were the ones who decided to participate.

Participants were a poor representation of the population: 60% female (females are 51% of the population), 70% white (whites are 77% of the population).

From there, it goes downhill, as expected.

62% think gun violence would be reduced if only we made it illegal for convicted criminals to get guns.

From the preview I can see, there’s no indication that even the researchers realize that’s already illegal. Maybe they should try taking this survey.

Complete Bullshit Shown

I’m assured that this is not fake news.

By the purveyors.

Trayvon Martin’s father: The problem of social injustice “needs to be rectified”
A new documentary series explores the long-lasting consequences of the 2012 killing of teenager Trayvon Martin, who was unarmed and walking home in his Florida neighborhood when he was fatally shot by George Zimmerman.

No. Martin was shot as he was on top of Zimmerman, pounding his head into the sidewalk, after jumping out of the bushes and ambushing Zimmerman as he walked away.

Zimmerman was later acquitted of murder, and the case drew attention to Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law, which permits the use of deadly force.

The fake news media called it Stand Your Ground. Zimmerman never invoked it, largely because it didn’t apply. Zimmerman couldn’t walk away because Martin had him down on the sidewalk, and was attempting to bash in Zimmerman’s head.

look at Markeis McGlockton [a black man shot and killed by a white man in an disagreement over a parking space]. That’s a Stand Your Ground case. This is still a major issue in America. I think we have to face it and have conversations about it.”

Despite the idiot cops, that isn’t a SYG case either. For one thing, the shooter was down on the ground; walking away wasn’t much of an option.

For another, SYG is an affirmative defense in the case of a defensive shooting. Judging by the video, there’s a very good chance that was not a clean defensive shooting, as it appears McGlockton had already backed away after pushing the shooter, and seemed to be backing and turning away when shot. In short, at that point, there appeared to be no credible continuing threat justifying the shooting.

Drawing the gun and presenting it to stop an immediate threat: fine. Shooting after the presentation did end the threat: not a defensive shooting.

A third point: SYG may not apply since the shooter entered the parking lot just to engage the victim. (He showed no indication of having parked there as a store customer; he was there to playing parking police.) Even a half-assed prosecutor could show that to be the shooter initiating the encounter, negating any self defense claim, let alone SYG.

When I saw the brief, truncated video which first aired, I thought the shooter should have been arrested, but could understand why the cops might think SYG applied. When the longer video showing the entire encounter became available to me, I knew the shooter should be charged, and the facts determined in court.

But CBS makes their own fake news facts.

In Florida, that’s a “service animal”

Jacksonville man takes gator on beer run
A man made a beer run to a Jacksonville convenience store carrying a live alligator with its mouth taped shut.

Video posted online shows the unidentified man walking into the store holding the gator under his right arm. He walked toward the counter, asking, “Ya’ll ain’t out of beer are you?”

In the pre-poptop days, that’s how we opened cans.

A new post at The Zelman Partisans

Political Polling
So when you hear that “95% of Americans want to a$$-rape the Constitution,” remember that it really means “95% of millenials who probably aren’t going to vote, and think the Army carries semi-auto AR-15s, believe bump-fire stocks are machineguns, and expect blackmarket arms dealers to conduct universal background checks, want to bend you over the table and have their way with you. Without vaseline.”

Sadly, this is “my” state rep

Jason Spencer, Republican.*

Yep, another sucker fell for the “First Freedom” scam. But Spencer is such a fool that even seeing that warning from The Zelman Partisans wouldn’t have saved him.

Happily, some years back I swore to never vote for another Republican, so I can honestly say I didn’t vote for this moron.

And moron he is. While half decent on RKBA, he’s a loose cannon with no brain/mouth filter. He lost his primary, so whatever we get stuck with next, at least it won’t be him.

Update: Well, good. He’s out.

* Disclosure: I couldn’t watch that entire clip; it was too painful. I never got past dumbass dropping his underwear and charging Cohen.