I do not think that means what you think it means.

Police finding ‘uncommon’ drugs in Gainesville
Kratom is relatively new to the US. It’s used in Asia as an anti-diarrheal medicine but has been increasingly used recreationally. Side effects include severe and prolonged vomiting, constipation, delusions, respiratory depression, tremors, aggressive or combative behavior, psychotic episodes, hallucinations and paranoia.

I guess I haven’t encountered that because people who think vomiting, constipation, delusions, trouble breathing, and paranoia are fun aren’t the sort of folks I want to hang with.



I’m not “man” enough. I still have external genitalia.

Are you man enough to wear a romper?

Billed as the new favorite summer outfit for men seeking something that is not ” too corporate, too fratty, too runway or too basic,” RompHim creators say the cotton onesies can be worn to everything from concerts to the beach to the bar.

To the bar. I’m a-thinkin’ the bars these… men go to aren’t the sort I used to patronize. They might get beat up in those.

I suppose they’re aiming for the pajama boy demographic.

Lamestream Muddia: Seth Rich nonstory

If you’re the sort who normally reads my ramblings, you probably heard the latest on the Seth Rich case. If you aren’t, if you rely on the mainstream media for your approved facts, then you probably didn’t.

News media blackout over Seth Rich revelations
The story that many conservative media considered a “bombshell” Tuesday didn’t even register as a blip on the screens of CNN, ABC and CBS.

All three of the networks completely ignored the revelations by a private investigator that DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was shot dead last July while walking home from a bar, had leaked more than 44,000 internal DNC emails to WikiLeaks before his death.

If you’re in the second, less-informed group, Rich was the DNC staffer who was killed — shortly after emails embarrassing to the the Clinton campaign and the DNC went public — in a robbery in which nothing was taken: not his smartphone, wallet, expensive nor wristwatch. Upon hearing those little facts, even I — who generally prefer to avoid unsubstantiated conspiracy theories other than for entertainment — immediately thought Hmm, a DNC staffer with access to the system allegedly hacked by “Russians” mysteriously dies after Hillary is outed and embarrassed; how convenient… again.

Oh well. You want the “real news” to cover the story? Start passing along an “unconfirmed rumor” that Rich was a Trump mole killed to hide the link. Instant 3 inch headline above the fold.

You ARE a bitch, bitch

I’m late to the game, but I finally saw the video recorded by the “liberal, whiny bitch” who threw a hissy fit in a Portland discount store over a couple of Confederate flag rugs. Her recording clearly starts after the encounter began, because the employee comes to the front of the store and she begins harassing him where she left off.

To her, I suppose the confederate flag is a symbol of all she claims to be horrified by. To millions of others, it’s a symbol of a people who went to war to preserve their lives and economy; folks who thought that the war was over things like tariffs. It was the left’s hero Lincoln who proved exactly that by offering to take slavery off the table if only the Southern states would stick with the Union. The South declined… because it wasn’t about owning slaves, which damned few Southerners had in the first place.

Now, Megan Fox at PJ Media thinks this was all faked. Fake hysteria, fake outrage.

I don’t. I think that Heather Franklin is a mentally disturbed person with a long history of… hysteria. Watch the video and keep an eye on the baby on her back. Yeah, the baby who never cries over mommy upset. The baby who actually reaches up to stroke psychomommy’s neck in an attempt to calm her down.

Parents, how many freakouts like this would you guess this baby has experienced not to be frightened to tears by what’s happening? How many times has baby seen this to learn to stroke mommy’s neck to ease her down?

Back to the incident itself.The red-shirted guy who called her a bitch was out of line. She is a bitch, but you have to deal with that in the retail world.

As bitchy as she was even in the beginning of her recording, she was likely bitchy well before, since she was continuing an ongoing harangue. I’m sure the guys were tired of it.

Next, Franklin was instructed multiple times to leave that private property. She stalled, and bitched more. When she left, the guy followed her out into the parking lot, I’d guess to make sure she left. Which she still didn’t.

Little Miss Off-Her-Meds then made a series of flase claims:

  • She claimed that the store had Confederate flags on the wall. Her video doesn’t show that, and other pictures taken in the store show the rug hanging on a book-type rack that you have to manually “page” through to find a particular item.
  • She claimed that she was “assaulted.” Her own video proves otherwise.
  • She claimed that the store employee came up behind her. By my estimate, he maintained a distance of 30 to 40 yards.
  • She claimed the men “attacked” her. Nope, see video.
  • She claimed they would not let her leave. Clearly false. Infact, the guy told her yet again to leave.
  • She’s still frickin’ trespassing. I’d have called the cops and had her hauled off. I suspect they’re familiar with the nut.

In fact, a lot of people are probably familiar with her ranting.

Could the employee’s behavior have been more professional? Darned right. But had they already endured verbal abuse from an irrational freak. Darned right.

Reports vary on what consequences the employees will face. Some say one of more was fired, some say suspended, some say that the owner is still deciding. I’d sugestion short suspensions for the guys, and a slander lawsuit for Heather Franklin.

Lawsuit? Yepper. She made false claims of criminal activity on the part of the workers to that woman. She helpfully recorded her false claims. She even published the recording of false claims on the Internet. She then repeated some of those claims to a reporter. (Possibly in an email, so I guess libel also applies.)

And while I wouldn’t wish Child Protective Services/Family Services/etc. on anyone, maybe her family — if any — should consider her habit of taking that child to her protests: the store, the police union protest, even this one. The mother of the second child she brought along might ask what the fuck Franklin was doing dragging her kid into this, too.

Beer Run!

Half-naked Ohio driver crashes car into store to get beer, police say
Rocky River police said 45-year-old Robert Mason was traveling at around 40 mph when he drove through the front wall of the store early Sunday, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. Once inside, police said, he told the store clerk he needed beer.
Mason, who police said was suffering from issues related to his service in the military, barricaded himself inside a beer cooler and told police to shoot him. He was eventually subdued with a Taser.