2020 Is Going To See Another Record Set

Specifically, the most blatantly fraudulent election in American history.

Mass mail-in balloting.

Judges ordering states to keep receiving new ballots for days after election day.

Unmonitored drop boxes for ballots.

No postmarks required on received ballots.

No ballot disqualification for signature mismatches.

Judges ordering the Green Party — always a spoiler for Democrats — removed from the ballot, while leaving the Libertarians — always a spoiler for Republicans — on.

Mail carriers disposing of ballots from areas that lean strongly to one party.

Ballot return envelopes conveniently marked on the outside with party affiliation.

We already have the precedent set in federal court in Georgia that ballots have to be counted even when whoever filled out the ballot doesn’t know when the voter was born or how to spell their name. And provisional ballots must be accepted from people voting — wait for it; not just out of their real precinct — outside of their county of residence.

Historically, in my experience, the bulk of the… irregularities have favored Democrats (YMMV). But this year, it’s going to be so bad that Republicans are also going to cheat like hell in what they’ll see as self defense. The counts of ballots vs. registered voters is going to be amusing.

Hell, make that ballot counts vs. US population.

I expect it to be so bad that even a Democrat judge will have to void elections and call for do-overs. When this inevitably gets appealed to SCOTUS, I have no idea how that’s going to go. Partly, it’ll depend on whether the Senate Republicans locate their gonads and confirm a ninth Justice. If we still have just the eight, the wrangling will go on forever.

If we get through this without shots (yes, plural; a lot, think Battle of Athens nationwide) fired, I’ll be astonished.

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