Kill Whites for Gun Control?

That is, kill whites to promote gun control.

Guns and Racism
It might seem that fear of gun violence is the great motivator.
Checking The Tribune on a recent morning, I learned that two people were killed and a dozen wounded. You might think that a steady stream of such reports (this year, Chicago will have over 2,700 shootings, with over 400 people killed) would induce high levels of fear, especially since many shootings occur on the streets. In fact, I’m not particularly afraid, since — like most Chicagoans — I’m hardly ever where the violence occurs. There’s something to worry about only if you live in certain overwhelmingly black communities on the West and South sides of town.
But imagine if there regularly were shootings in previously “safe” white areas. Now there are frequent killings on the Magnificent Mile, the Gold Coast and in Lincoln Park. Both the perpetrators and the victims are white, and, despite greatly increased police protection, the violence continues. Given the strong support for gun control among residents of these areas, the cause would quickly become very personal. Chicago has relatively strong gun laws, but the city borders on Indiana, where the laws are much laxer. My neighbors and I would join a vigorous and relentless campaign for stricter national gun laws.

I’ve read that a couple of times. And it still looks like a plausibly deniable (“What? I didn’t call for violence; I just noted how convenient it would be for our agenda.”) call for attacks on whites to make people fearful enough of “gun violence” to want victim disarmament.

This isn’t our reaction to gun violence in black parts of town. Does this mean that we’re racists? Perhaps not. Perhaps we just haven’t realized the extent to which gun violence is destroying urban black communities.

Maybe you folks isolated in your ivory towers don’t care. But those of us on the streets, the strong RKBA advocates, we do care. We do realize. That’s why we think every honest person should have the option of effective defense.

Feel free to tell Professor Gutless what you think of his call for domestic terrorism: