Active Shooter at YouTube HQ?

But they banned nasty, evil gun stuff!

Possible active shooter at YouTube in San Bruno
KRON4 is hearing reports of an active shooter at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno.

The City Manager tells KRON4 they’ve received multiple 9-1-1 calls from YouTube, however, they did not disclose the reasons why.

YouTube video, or it didn’t happen.

Active “Shooter” at OSU (multiple updates)

The details on this one will take a while to shake out.

Active Shooter Reported at Ohio State University Campus, 8 People Transported to Nearby Hospitals; Suspect Dead
Authorities have swarmed the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio, where an active shooter was reported this morning. One suspect is dead, according to the Columbus Department of Public Safety. Authorities are continuing to search for other possible suspects.

Funny thing, though…

Cops kill at least one suspect in Ohio State University active shooter lockdown
CBS Columbis affiliate WBNS reports the incident began around 9:30 a.m. when firefighters were responding to reports of a chlorine leak at the chemical engineering building. Someone had run a vehicle into the building, and then someone started attacking people inside the building with a knife. (emphasis added – cb)

A “shooter” with a knife. Chlorine leak.

If I were to actively speculate at this point, I’d suspect that the “three or four shots” reported by HLN were the cops taking down the knife-wielder. And I’d wonder if the eight people hospitalized were there for chlorine exposure rather than “gun shot” or knife wounds.

But now that lamestream muddia has latched onto the idea of another evil gun, they’ll be forever correcting their reports.

Added: As seen at the Drudge Report:

Update 2: Go figure.

Ten people were taken to hospitals and one suspect was dead after a chaotic car-and-knife attack at Ohio State University on Monday morning, officials said.

The incident was initially reported as an “active shooter” situation, but the suspect did not shoot anyone. Instead, he crashed their car into a crowd and attacked victims with a knife, witnesses and law enforcement officials told NBC News.

Update 3: Moms Demand Gun Victims are struck speechless by horrified shock that aggressor didn’t use a gun.

They haven’t had anything to say about this since it turned out that the shooter used an edged weapon. I’m sure they’re readying an apology to their supporters and asking for prayers for better luck next time.

Update 4: Motive?

The suspect’s name was not released, but law enforcement officials told NBC News he was an 18-year-old Ohio State student, a Somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident of the United States.

The motive was unknown, but officials said the attack was clearly deliberate and may have been planned in advance.

I’m a-thinkin’ “workplace violence”.

Update 5: Nope, no pattern there.

Law enforcement officials told NBC News the suspect’s name is Abdul Razaq Ali Artan, an 18-year-old student at the university. He was a Somali refugee who left his homeland with his family in 2007, lived in Pakistan and then came to the United States in 2014 as a legal permanent resident of the United States, officials said.

The motive was unknown, although law enforcement sources said Artan posted a rant on social media prior to the incident.

Definitely “workplace violence.”