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Someone is screwing with my domain registration

FYI: Back on the 5th, my registrar — GoDaddy — billed me for web hosting. I didn’t make that purchase, so as you might imagine, I got after them immediately to cancel it. The service rep claimed that the order was placed through my online account login.

Naturally, I changed all my login info.

A few minutes ago, I was notified that my account was locked, for an unspecified reason. My guess is that someone really had managed to get into my account back on the 5th, and tried again when he saw that the domain was still pointing where it belongs instead of where he wanted. Presumably, too many failed logins locked the account.

I’ve changed my login info again.

But if you should notice that & suddenly display something other than my blog, you’ll know the SOB finally succeeded.

Email & Domain Problems

UPDATED AGAIN: The heck with it. I gave up on Better Than Yours. carl-at-bussjaeger-dot-org has been moved off the BTY server and now works again.

If you’ve tried emailing me at my usual (blank)@bussjaeger-dot-org address, I haven’t received it. Try reaching me at bear-at-bussjaeger-dot-US or bussjaeger-at-inbox-dot-com (edit: I forgot that the way my MX entry is set up involves BTY, too edit2: either one should be working now; I got off of the BTY DNS).

Basically, my dot-ORG web and email host ( appears to be down. This could be a temporary glitch, but since the folks at BTY haven’t responded to emails or snail mails (even their web contact form errors out) for most of a year, this could be the final death of the service… and my hosted domains. If that’s the case, I’ll accelerate my already-in-progress project of migrating everything off of their servers. They served me well in the past, but the lack of contact coupled with this crash doesn’t exactly give me warm fuzzy feelings.

If anyone knows a way to actually reach Kielsky, that information would be welcome, to me and others (who can’t even get Kielsky to respond to offers of payment).

Free web hosting suggestions also welcomed.

That was interesting…

…in a morbid sort of way.

We had an extended power outage the other day, followed by phone and Internet failure in the middle of Sunday night.Being an old telecom tech,  and knowing something of the local network, I assumed that the remote hut/SLC lost power and didn’t come back up… a tripped breaker, with the backup batteries running down.

The phone company – Fairpoint – said it was probably my inside wiring (BULLSHIT) and they might get around to it Saturday.

Knowing what it really was (Fairpoint probably should have hired me back while their union workers are on strike), I expected interesting things.

And got them. This evening, the town fire department showed up. Someone finally notified EMS that there was a widespread phone outage making it impossible for people to call 911 by landline (this is a big deal in the PUC/E-911/FCC world), so they were coming out in person to inspect and tell people how to reach them in an emergency.

Go figure. Once PUC/FCC/E-911 was involved, Fairpoint suddenly discovered that they had a problem… easily solved by resetting the tripped breaker.

I’ll be sorting through about 8 billion spams. If you’ve emailed me, be patient.

(Side note: Nick of LFD- Good job. Thanks for coming by.)

Ask a stupid question…

If “the protocols work,” how did Dallas nurse get Ebola?
“It is deeply concerning that this infection occurred,” Frieden acknowledged. “We don’t know what occurred… but at some point there was a breach in protocol and that breach in protocol resulted in this infection.”

Because protocols only work if they’re followed properly.

Over the years, I’ve known a lot of nurses. I don’t know any who still work in hospitals. Some left hospitals for home healthcare work. Some left the field completely. All of them – over a period of decades and across the country; people who don’t know each – tell similar stories: abusive doctors, doctors trying to shift blame for their own screwups to some nurse, sexual harassment (frankly, I’d consider some of the stories sexual assault), age harassment, lethally (to patients) inadequate staffing, shorting meds to save money and comply with fed rules on pain med “abuse”.

To hear these nurses tell it, hospital administrators love to drive out experienced nurses, who might be approaching retirement age, in favor of cheap new hires of nurses fresh out of school. New nurses who don”t know protocols and don’t get properly trained on protocols because the experienced people are gone.

I know a nurse who quit because a doctor couldn’t keep his hands off her tits, and administration wouldn’t help (doctor knows best, dearie; suck it – and him – up. I know a nurse who was suspended for having white hair. Well, she’s older than me; go figure.

I know a nurse who was left alone to deal with a combative, hallucinating, AND ARMED patient… and was disciplined for not following an instruction left for the ER staff because she was busy in her own section trying to not get killed while disarming a lunatic with a gun. She was alone because the hospital fired other staff to save money. What new nurses they hired couldn’t even consistently start IVs correctly.

So, yeah, sometimes protocol doesn’t get followed because a nurse is trying to avoid immediate death by gunshot from a crazy with a gun. Potential infection by a virus with a “mere” 30% fatality rate might seem like a reasonable risk.

You wonder why the Dallas hospital sent patient Duncan home with a 103° fever and ebola? Probably because hospital administration didn’t give them the personnel and material resources to deal with even a fraction of stuff coming into the ER. To save money and improve their profit margin. Heck, some hospitals are sending people home because they’re “only” having strokes… and t-PA is so expensive.

Don’t expect things to get better, especially with death panels charts (we got a chart; we don’ need no steenkin’ panels)… or simple age limits on life.

I have some big life changes coming up. Blogging is likely to be sporadic. More on that when plans solidify a bit more.