About that “refund” for every passenger on United flight 3411

What they told us:

United Airlines refunds EVERY passenger who was on board the overbooked flight when the doctor was dragged off
Passengers who were aboard the United Airlines flight where a doctor was dragged off the plane on Sunday will be receiving full refunds.

The airline announced that every passenger aboard Flight 3411 bound for Louisville, Kentucky from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on Sunday will get their money back following the incident that has shocked the world.

A United Airlines spokesperson confirmed that the passengers ‘are receiving compensation for the cost of their tickets.’

However, what’s currently being reported on Faux Snooze TV is a little different: passengers are being offered refunds, but to qualify, they have to sign liability releases.

I’m trying — unsuccessfully as yet — to find a copy of the actual release online. But it appeared that not only is this a release of liability, but the signing passenger would be forbidden to even talk to a lawyer about his rights in this matter. If I weren’t enjoying the show of United’s fiasco, I’d be hoping I heard that wrong, because…

Can’t even talk to your attorney? I think a nondisclosure agreement like that would violate the First Amendment, let alone all the other problems with contract law (especially that of individual states). Any actual attorneys want to weigh in? Has anyone seen the release?