Do Not Surrender To The Rioters

I’m not talking about giving them their end goals. I’m talking about preemptive surrender.

Do not “counter-protest” professional rioters; terrorists. You lose automatically.

Oh? Terrorists? “Isn’t that a bit extreme, Bear?”

(A) involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State;
(B) appear to be intended—
(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population;
(ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and

violent acts or acts dangerous to human life: rioting, destruction of property, assault, arson, murder, targeting civilians and private property.

intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population: demands for change, “justice,” “defund/eliminate the police”

to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion: “No justice, no peace”

That’s what they say they’re doing. Believe them (this time; keep reading). Any questions? Back to my point.

Just by showing up to “counter-protest” these evil bastards, you helped them achieve their tactical goals.

  1. Your mere presence gives the mob a focal point for their anger. By existing and making yourself visible at their event, you prove to the mob their own assumption there are white supremecists out to get them.
  2. If you show up in your tacticool commando gear, you proved in their warped minds that it’s organized; an evil white militia. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, green, or rainbow colored; you’re a white racist.
  3. If you engaged them even verbally, you will be painted as the aggressor, justifying anything they do to you.
  4. If you fight, they post video of how you attacked them, another example of the violent right-wing extremists. And the complicit media allies will lie for them. If you hadn’t noticed that, you have the tactical/situational awareness of a roadkill armadillo.

“But we’re not a militia. I don’t even know the guy next to me,” you may exclaim. Doesn’t matter; if there are two or more of you, you’re an evil white supremecist militia. See above re:media. And only takes one of you, if you’re tacticool.

And you don’t know that guy? Then how do you know he isn’t one of the professional Antifa infiltrators placed there to provoke some great “right-wing violence” footage? See what kind of trouble you can get into by “counter-protesting?

If you’re a tough guy who wants to provoke them, don’t bother. Just wait at home for them to come to your neighborhood. You did notice they’re doing that, right? That way, you’re on home turf, with all your preps and buddies handy. You can record them on yours and the neighbors’ home surveillance systems. And it’s tougher for Antifa videographers to make “aggressive right-wing violence” of you simply defending your home.

But they’ll do it. Successfully, for their goals. Antifa livestreams the encounters, as the narrator lies like hell about what it happening in realtime. I saw one recording in which the narrator shows the mob stopping a little old lady, pounding her car, even multiples climbing on top of it. At last, the woman tried to carefully drive away (unsuccessfully, I might add).

All the while, the narrator claims this evil white tried to drive into the crowd, and now she’s trying to run them down. “We didn’t do anything!”

The first lie to hit the net is all that matters. The people crazed enough to support this will simply believe any lie that supports their worldview. Low information voter types won’t ever learn the truth because why look into it because a “witness” already told them what happened. Research is work.

The first worst lie wins. If you go to “counter-protest” lying terrorists, you gave them more material on which to base their vile fiction.

If you want to stage your own peaceful demonstration, fine. But again, don’t engage the Antifa provocateurs that show up. Take precautions. Clothing and gear should be chosen with a thought to optics, Make it as tough as possible for liars to lie. Have your own people — people you know, not just some guy off the street who volunteered — watch the crowd for Antifa agents provocateur trying to run a false flag to make you look bad.

Don’t preemptively surrender.

Added: I really should have mentioned the Portland shooting of the Patriot Prayer guy. What Antifa did with that was classic disinformation:

Almost immediately after the shooting, before anyone was identified. An Antifa twitter account posted an “eyewitness” account of an evil Patriot Prayer white supremacist shooting and killing a peaceful, black BLM demonstrator.

Exactly opposite of the truth, but I’ll guarantee that there Antifa supporters who will only get their news from that account, and similar, and still believe it.

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Pantifa: The Kneecap Solution

It would seem desirable to devise a system which would make sure, first, that the riot would stop; and second, that only the leaders would feel the weight of social disapproval.

Let us consider such a means – the 22-caliber rimfire rifle. This weapon, properly sighted and equipped with a noise suppressor, may be used with surgical delicacy to neutralize mob leaders without risk to other members of the group, without noise and with scant danger of death to the subject. A low-velocity 22 bullet in the lung will not knock a man down, and in these days of modern antisepsis it will almost never kill him if he can get to a hospital in a reasonable time. It will, however, absolutely terminate his interest in leading a riot.

— Jeff Cooper, To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth

While I did not agree with all of Cooper’s opinions, I did admire him. Some of his techniques and advice have become dated — decades on — but for his time he was at the leading edge, honing that edge. But other things he had to say are timeless. Like the concept expressed above.

As we saw in Kenosha, Wisconsin, rioters do settle down a bit once their intended targets put a few of them down. But I think a slight modification of Cooper’s suggestion would work, without events having to escalate to the Rittenhouse Solution level.

  • .22 LR rifle
  • Scope with night vision capability (since the scumbags seem to wait for cover of darkness)
  • Standard or high velocity cartridges (here I differ from the Colonel)
  • Suppressor
  • Laser sight (you’ll see)
  • Rooftop

In our present circumstances, the law enforcement sniper teams will be looking for the embedded organizers; the agitators. The coordinators on bikes, the guys with the Bluetooth earpieces. The ones handing out bricks. Directing the mob down a particular street. The guy pointing and shouting, “Over there! Get the fascist!” but whom never seems to act himself until the mob is fully engaged and he has cover. The professional riot managers. Yes, the Pantifa scum are that organized. They are in the crowds actively conspiring, encouraging, inciting, and participating in acts of violence. They are criminals; legitimate LE targets.

De-organize them.

When the snipers have ID’d the coordinating offenders, light them up with the laser sight. Give them a few seconds to notice. Given Pantifa’s use of green laser pointers, I recommend red lasers so they will know the difference.

Then kneecap them. Another point where I differ from Cooper.

I suspect that these organizing agitators will take the message after a few of them take knee damage. Simply lasering them may become sufficient deterrence; especially if they glance down and see a dozen dancing dots on their chests. If not, you still have a magazine full of cartridges.

After a few such incidents, just putting up posters of red-dotted knees may be amusing.

If you are concerned about the legality of such an action by police, check your state’s use of force laws. In my state, the use of deadly force is authorized not merely to defend your own life, but that of others, and to stop a forcible felony.

The aggravated assaults, arson, bombings, and destruction of buildings in the typical Pantifa riot are forcible felonies. Those laser pointers they use to to flash eyes? I investigated them; they are Class 3B lasers and can inflict permanent retinal damage; blindness. That is serious bodily harm; forcible felony. Laws varying, and this tactic may not be appropriate in your area.

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UPDATED 2: BuzzFeed’s Montgomery is either a master of parody, or

[Update 2: scroll down for emails.]

…he drank all the koolaid.

Pikeville, Kentucky, Is Bracing For A Clash Between The Far Left And The Far Right
A white supremacist rally set for Saturday, and the expected left-wing response, has the town of Pikeville, Kentucky, population 7,038, under lockdown in anticipation of violence.

The rally, organized by Neo-Nazi groups National Socialist Movement, the Traditionalist Workers Party, and the National Front is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET Saturday. Left-wing groups from across the South are assembling a militant response.

Both the Far Left and the Far Right have issued calls online to gather in Pikeville and oppose the enemy with force.

psst-, Blake. National Socialists and the Workers Party aren’t exactly right-wing. This is — potentially; reports so far look like the town has successfully clued the folks in to behave — a clash between leftists who simply disagree on who gets to run your life.

And that “Laguna Beach Antifa” tweet? You probably should have checked out the account before using that example. Update: I mailed Montgomery 4/29/2017 at 11:42 AM. As of 12:48 PM, the column has been edited to remove that tweet. No acknowledgement of the edit listed on the page.)

For stuff like this:

And this: “…the protest in Pikeville is symbolic because it will be one of the first major confrontations in the South, a place where extremist groups like the KKK have long held sway…”

Seriously? Have you ever been to the South? It doesn’t look like you’re anywhere near old enough to remember when the KKK was more than a couple of old fat guys sitting around the local diner whining for the “good old days.”

UPDATE 2: I heard from Montgomery about an hour ago.

“Hi Bear,
Thanks for the correction. I’ve removed the tweet. Regarding Pikeville as a symbol, the Antifa I spoke to said those were the reasons they were going.”

Yep. He simply pulled the embarrassing tweet in hopes that no one else will notice. Regarding his blind acceptance of the peculiar claim that the KKK holds sway over the South, I replied:

Ah, yes. Professional protester Lacy Macauley from Washington, DC. Tell me, if you interviewed someone who said they were protesting climate change because the sky is neon orange with green polka dots, would you simply accept that statement without question?

Oh well, columns like yours that characterize clashes between  socialists and …. socialists as left vs. right are always amusing.


Perhaps Montgomery considers DC representative of the South. Only in the way that The Peoples Republik of Kalifornia and Wyoming are both Western. Still… if DC is “Southern,” and Macauley is thus a Southerner, shouldn’t he have expected her to be pro-KKK?

I’m afraid he’s merely a typical lefty “journalist” with no critical thinking or analytical skills, and happy in his progressive cognitive bias. It can’t even occur to him to question everything.