[UPDATED] Oopsie, someone has a little explaining to do

…to the ATF.

AJC.com, the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation just published a story claiming a reporter built an assault rifle.

I helpfully emailed authorized urinalist, Ken Foskett to explain that if that’s true, someone is going to prison.

Interestingly, it took some searching to find Foskett’s email address. AJC killed the link to the reporter staff directory. I guess they got tired of getting negative feedback from people who know they’re full of shit. Fortunately, they left the actual directory online; you should bookmark it.

Nice try, Foskett.

Yeah, you edited the article from this

to this

but you forgot to change the graphic.


Atlanta Urinal-Constipation smears honest gun owners

…by falsely implied association.

As NRA meets in Atlanta, gun violence continues across Georgia
It’s probably safe to say most of those 80,000 NRA members have never used their weapons for illegal purposes. The same cannot be said for every gun owner.

In the 72 hours before the NRA meeting opened, at least seven people were shot to death in Georgia and another four were wounded, including a deputy sheriff from Banks County. Those shootings were compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, which collects media and police reports around the country.

“It’s probably safe to say…” but we’ll give criminal examples anyway.

Let’s look at their examples of gun ownership.

  • Savannah house shooting: police say gang related. Probably not NRA members.
  • Macon home invasion: innocent home owner shot by criminal, probably not an NRA member.
  • Moultrie shooting: no word on the shooter, but the victim’s history as a felon convicted of shooting someone else (and charged again with shooting yet another person), makes me a little suspicious about his known associates. Probably not an NRA member in the lot.
  • Lizella shooting: police shot a guy after he stabbed a woman to death. Probably not an NRA member.
  • Atlanta double shooting: no data available at this time.
  • Another Savannah shooting: “victim” won’t talk to police, and they’re investigating the “circumstances” leading up to the shooting. Oddly enough, their were other shots reported in the area just prior. I have my own suspicions that none involved were NRA members on their way to Sunday school.
  • Augusta shooting: no data available at this time.
  • Commerce shooting: deputy shot by an armed robber who then stole a car, and then shot the cop, after which the shooter kidnapped a woman. Don’t know about the deputy, but it seems unlikely the shooter/robber/car thief/kidnapper was an NRA member.
  • Albany “shooting”: no one was shot. Sounds like man was struck by ejected brass while shooting at a range, but there’s no link and I can’t find any other report. May not exist, much less be an NRA member.
  • Cartersville shooting: dumbass fired shotgun into air. No mention of NRA in the report.

C’mon, AJC. If you want to use these examples to show how bad NRA members are, at least show some proof that they’re NRA members. The fact that you didn’t so in even a single case — and knowing how anti-RKBA your rag is — suggests that you can’t link them.

Or would prefer that everyone simply assume that Jayson Blair is the archetype for all you “journalists” and “reporters”?

Unfortunate headlines

Gun violence presentation to be Friday following death of 5-year-old


And after that, a barbecue? Better check the menu.

Sentence structure and punctuation matter.

“Following death of 5-year-old, gun violence presentation to be Friday”

Looks like it’s going to be the usual “America has more gun violence than any other country we didn’t exclude because it has more.”

Turns out I’m a conspiracy theorist

Who knew?

Trigger warning: WaPo BS.

Turns out conspiracy theorists think:

  • “politicians often lie, deflect blame and find other ways to look innocent.”
  • “government institutions are largely controlled by elite outside interests.”
  • “in national politics, nothing happens by accident.”
  • “in national politics, you can see patterns, designs and secret activities everywhere once you know where to look.”

If Mr. Enders is unaware of the propensity of politicians to lie, he has an entertaining future ahead of him in political science. “Elite outside interests”? Campaign contributions. (I dealt with one congresscreep who first responded to any request for assistance or support on a bill by asking how much I had contributed.)

Lots of things in politics happen by accident; that’s true. And it’s true that using those accidents to further an agenda is what politics is.

“Patterns, designs and secret activities” is awfully vague. Sure, it can veer off into Conspiracy Land. But…

Patterns: National party platforms, and making sure team players play along? Ever wonder why we can depend on Dimwits to sponsor gun control bills for the children, and Repugnants to fail to repeal ’em for “law & order”?

Designs: Don’t I recall some prez candidate campaigning on a plan to implement a national healthcare law? True, the result doesn’t look well designed, just a mishmash of unread pages of BS.

Secret activities: Four words- Hillary. Rodham. Clinton. Email. And that doesn’t even count CIA, NSA, DIA,and assorted other agencies who — by law — depend on secrecy.

And the guy wonders why people who recognize these facts tend to oppose victim disarmament.

When idiots try to figure

fake-ffl-mapMapping the Sale of Firearms vs. Frappuccinos
In their analysis, Beltz and colleagues found that there were six gun dealers in the U.S for every Starbucks (of which there are 10,843, according to 2013 data). Gun sellers also outnumber grocery stores (37,716 in 2014), McDonald’s (14,350 in 2014), and total coffee shops (55,246 in 2016) in the U.S. If gun collectors, manufacturers, and importers were all counted as gun dealers, the total number balloons to 138,659—far more than, say, the number of public schools in the country (98,328 in 2011-12).

Tanvi Misra, girl geniusmoron, thinks there 318 gun shops in DC. The last I heard DC only has one authorized gun broker: CS Exchange.

The other 317 “dealers” she thinks she sees are security companies (security guards, armored car transport, bodyguards). Pretty much what you’d expect in a town thoroughly infested with paranoid politicians and bumbling bureaucrats, all in need of (machine)gun-toting protection, 24/7.

If you take a look at the ATF’s spreadsheet of FFLs, you’ll find that there are several listings for the same place of business, so simply taking raw numbers doesn’t tell you much about how many gun shops there are.

Just another rigged “demonstration”

Ready. Aim. Truth: ‘Good Guys’ vs. ‘Bad Guys’ Part 1
We retained two experts to help us create an exercise that would put their readiness to the test.

Hmm. “Good guys” were relatively untrained folks. The guy with the most experience has 50 hours of training. They went into the scenarios blind.

“Bad guy” is a SWAT team member and instructor with 22 years of experience, and body armor. He knew what his scenario was.


Scenario 1: the amateurs still beat the pro half the time.
Scenario 2: the amateurs still won half the time.

WFAA spins this as disproving the “good guy with a gun” concept.

I wonder if Part 2 will be a little realistic: 20-something bad guy with little or no training, no body armor versus some civilian with around four or five hundred hours of formal training (not counting informal range time) and 35 years of cumulative military, LE, private security, and CCW experience.* It would be even more realistic if the good guy has a simulated weapon matching his everyday carry this time.

Nah.That would really blow the narrative.

Note the dig at open carry, too. The “bad guy” was able to spot the OC, so knew who to go for first. Right. The fact that the good guy happened to be the only person sitting there in a full face mask wasn’t tip off at all.

* That’s realistic. That’s me, and I don’t even have as much training as a lot of other folks who carry. I know one woman, an NRA instructor, who’s probably been carrying almost as long as I’ve been alive.

Bovine Excrement

Most heavily-armed states in America
1. Wyoming

Wyoming has the highest number of registered guns per capita of any state in America. For every 1,000 residents, there are 195.7 guns, about three times the rate of second-place D.C. That’s 114,052 registered firearms in a state with a population of only 582,658 people.

Since Wyoming doesn’t register firearms, I tend to doubt that number. In fact…

That number — of registered, no less — firearms looks awfully familiar.

Yep. That bogus article, whose author thinks “Firearms are defined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives as a destructive device, machine gun, silencer, short-barreled rifle, short-barreled shotgun and any other weapon capable of being concealed on the person which a shot can be discharged.” lives on. Sort of like Kellerman’s “studies”.