Sore Winners?

Shee-it. What would they have done if the Eagles lost?

Fires, mayhem, insane trust falls in Philly after Super Bowl win

On the bright side, someone discovered a use for Bud Light.

I can’t wait for the conversation between the city and the EPA over that hydraulic fluid they sloshed around.

Beer Run!

Half-naked Ohio driver crashes car into store to get beer, police say
Rocky River police said 45-year-old Robert Mason was traveling at around 40 mph when he drove through the front wall of the store early Sunday, Fox 8 Cleveland reported. Once inside, police said, he told the store clerk he needed beer.
Mason, who police said was suffering from issues related to his service in the military, barricaded himself inside a beer cooler and told police to shoot him. He was eventually subdued with a Taser.