[whatever] Lives Matter Street Murals

I had a thought about those political messaging murals cities are letting folks paint on streets. You know, like this monster.

I think there are a couple of legal issues which idiots like DC’s Muriel Bowser haven’t considered. They would make for an interesting court challenge to these things.

You see, road markings are federally regulated. While states can fine tune their own standards, they still have to comply with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

I have a sneaking suspicion those murals are not compliant.

Those standards are there for a reason: safety. And that brings us to next — related — issue. What kind of paint are those permanent murals done with? (As opposed to the washable poster paint the antiabortion messagers have been using.)

Just how slick do those murals get when it rains?

No doubt the personal injury ambulance-chasers lawyers are salivating over the thought of suing cities with deep taxpayer pockets, when/if folks start spinning out and crashing because some moron cough Bowser cough officially allowed folks to slicken the road.

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Why, bless their hearts*

There’s going to be a Black Lives Matter “inspired” protest in “downtown” Saint Marys, Georgia on Saturday, organized by a guy who doesn’t live there, inspired by stuff that didn’t happen there, and supposedly bringing folks from out of state. Yeah, population 17,000 Saint Marys. (And that link is the only online mention of this event I can find.)

We’re talking Georgia, which has at least 700,000 concealed carry licenses. That’s just the ones who want to carry and bothered to get licensed.

Better yet, that’s south Georgia, where you’d be hard-pressed to find a home without a firearm at the ready. Heck, the area supports an NFA dealer despite the small population.

Then there’s the planned route. Those folks won’t take kindly to taunts, slurs, violence, or Molotov cocktails in their residential neighborhoods.

This will be either the politest, calmest, most peaceful BLM protest ever, or the shortest.

* For the non-Southern speakers, that’s polite Southern for, “You poor little stupid SOB.”