“Buy-Back” Dumbfuckery

OK, any gun “buy-back” is stupid but these folks took it to a whole new level.

Trade-in triggers showdown of gun enthusiasts, gun-control activists
On a chilly Saturday morning, gun-control advocates and gun enthusiasts faced off in a small Indiana city.

Sheridan Hadley stood along a downtown main street holding a sign reading “Groceries for Guns.”

About 10 gun owners stood nearby. Two wore AR-15s across their shoulders.

Hadley’s sign guided passers-by to an April 28 gun trade-in program organized by herself and her husband, David, through their church, Wabash Avenue Presbyterian. The two retired educators felt compelled to act by the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla. that killed 17 people.

No biggie so far, but wait for it.

“We initially said if we got one semi-automatic weapon and took it out of circulation, then our children and our community would be a little safer,” David Hadley said. “We got two semi-automatic weapons, so we’re twice as good as we had hoped for.”

But where did they get those “semiautomatic weapons”?

The day reaped four rifles, including two owned by David Hadley, and a small pistol turned in by a 61-year-old woman with asthma who said she needed groceries.

Does this mean Hadley — the organizer — turned ’em in? That the world is safer with him weaponless?

So I looked at that total — 4 rifles and a pistol — and looked at the amount disbursed: $200.

A pistol is $25. Semiauto “military-style” guns are $100. What else was tunred in for what amounts? Well…

He traded his father’s old semi-automatic .22-caliber shotgun for a $25 gift card to buy food.

.22 caliber… semiauto… shotgun? A family heirloom whatsit gone for twenty-five bucks. My father would come back and haunt me for that. But, pistol, shotgun: $50. That leaves $150 (of the $200) to be split three ways. They got at least one other semiauto something-or-other, so that might be $100. That would leave two $25 dollar rifles of some type, apparently not semiauto, possibly Hadley’s guns.

It’s safe to say one of the items was a junker of virtually no value because…

One trader, however, told the Hadleys he intended to cash in the gift card and buy ammunition.

Heh. But wait, there’s more.

They brought a 30-round Thermold ammunition magazine valued at about $10 in hopes of receiving a $25 gift card. They didn’t get a card because the Hadleys were offering buybacks for high-capacity magazines only.

It’s official! 30-rounds is not “high capacity;” the gun grabbers said so.

This being Indiana, the pro-gun people were out in force; ten to the Hadleys two, including the Thermold pranksters and the guy resupplying on ammo, plus…

One gun owner, hunter Douglas Gallapoo, successfully convinced people to sell firearms to him instead of turning them in at the buyback.

Gallapoo’s sign read: “I pay cash. I pay more.”

Over the course of the buyback, he paid $220 for hunting rifles, while the Hadley’s distributed $200 in gift cards.

I’m betting that Gallapoo got the good stuff. If you needed to sell something, wouldn’t you prefer cash over grocery cards? I’ll bet the only stuff that made it to the Hadleys Two was the crap that no one would buy. Possibly excepting whatever Hadley himself turned in, but he’s clearly… a dumbfuck.