Finally, A Correct Headline

I’ve been seeing articles about the feds providing 100+ million “Covid-19” tests. Problem is, it ain’t. The Washington Examiner actually gets it right.

Trump announces distribution of 150M rapid coronavirus tests
President Trump announced on Monday that his administration will distribute 150 million Abbott coronavirus tests that produce results in just 15 minutes.

The Abbot “rapid antigen test” will pop positive for ChinCOVID, and for several other coronaviruses. It detects protein configurations from the virus protein coat. While the internal RNA is pretty specific, the protein coat configuration can be shared by a lot of strains.

If you pop positive on this RAT, you might have ChinCOVID. Or you might not; you might have the common cold. By itself, a positive RAT only means you’re infected with something, and you need a PCR RNA test to confirm whether it is ChinCOVID.

Sadly, some states are using RATs to formally “diagnose” ChinCOVID, stupidly driving up their “ChinCOVID” numbers with “cases” that aren’t. A RAT is for screening, not for diagnosis.

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That Fucking Lunatic Fauci

Doctor Quack Fauci “thinks” (for some value of the word) that we need to keep theaters closed…

For a freaking year after we have a ChinCOIVID vaccine.

“I think it’s going to be a combination of a vaccine that has been around for almost a year and good public-health measures,” Fauci answered.

That is insane.

Per Worldometer (which seems to use the same source data as Johns Hopkins), this is what the US’ new daily cases looks like.

Steadily declining since July 24. A month and a half. Without a vaccine.

In fact, that graph seems to be based on date of report, not date of ChinCOVID onset (when someone shows symptoms or tests positive). I think that because this is the daily new cases graph for Georgia (which I’ve been tracking).

That also peaks on July 24. That is pretty similar to this graph from the Georgia DPH page. The Georgia graph peaks on July 24, too.

Problem is, that’s the bureaucratic “date of report” graph, which is when the hospitals and labs got around to forwarding results to DPH. Sometimes that can take over a month (5 months for a lab in Florida). It’s useless for analyzing an epidemic. We need date of onset, which Georgia has (but does not show by default for some stupid reason).

Peak day for when cases actually occurred or tested positive is July 6th. That’s 18 days earlier. We’ve been steadily declining for well over two months. Without a vaccine.

In my county, new cases by onset have been declining for two months, as well. We haven’t had a single new case reported for days (but that is preliminary data since as mentioned reporting can take weeks). We haven’t had a ChinCOVID death for a month. And let me tell you, around here almost no one wears a mask unless they’re going into a facility that requires them; it’s too damned hot. Only two places I’ve gone to require masks.

The exceptions actually wearing masks voluntarily are usually rather old, frail in appearance, or clearly have co-morbidities beginning with gross obesity. Those folks should wear masks.

Digression (that isn’t really): Take a look at all those graphs again. Look at the curves carefully, and try to find the case surges for schools and businesses reopening. They aren’t there. They didn’t happen.

Shutdowns were not needed, and reopening wasn’t dangerous.

Right now, our little ChinCOVID epidemic is following the classic epidemiolgical curve. And we are near the end. Without a vaccine.

With the epidemic almost over — without a vaccine — with no case surges with reopening, Qk. Fauci thinks we need to wait for the world record-shattering very first successful coronavirus vaccine (any strain), and then wait another fucking year before we let theaters reopen.

That’s beyond just pushing a police-statist agenda. That’s full on crazy, and the guy should locked away and medicated.

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ChinCOVID: Sturgis “Surge”

You probably heard about the study that found the Sturgis motorcycle rally was a ChinCOVID “super-spreader” event that caused more than 260,000 new cases of ChinCOmmon cold nationwide, “As of August 29,
2020.” I gotta say, that seems unlikely.

The Sturgis rally started August 7.

August 6 ChinC-virus case count: 5, 033,838

August 29 case count: 6,132,996

Increase: 1,099,158

The researchers are claiming that 23.65% — nearly a quarter –of all new cases in the US came from one motorcycle event in South Dakota. Not all the demonstrations/protests/riots/terrorism/campaign rallies/life-almost-as-usual going on in major — large, densely populated — cities across the country.

One rally in a small, isolated South Dakota town.


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ChinCOVID. Again. Still. Forever.

Don’t bother wearing a mask; they don’t help.


Wear a mask or die.

But you said…

I lied, so you wouldn’t buy up mask before we could. Sucks to be you.

OK. I’ll get an N9…

No, just wear a fabric mask. Leave the N95s to the pros.

If cloth works so well, why don’t pros just use ’em, too? They’re cheaper.


Hey, look! Statistical evidence that hydroxychloroquine may prevent CHinCOVID. Maybe we should try prophylactic doses.

No, no. Never proved. Not safe.

But large populations have been safely taking prophylactic doses for decades.

Look! A man died from drinking it!

His wife gave him several times the LD-50, and it was aquarium cleaner, not pharmaceutical Plaquenil.

VA study! It killed people!

You waited until elderly people were in the ICU, and even on ventilators, and then hit them with doses approaching the LD-50. This doctor said she successfully used it in 350 cases.

Ignore her. She has funny religious beliefs.

It was shown to be effective against the closely related SARS-Cov-1. Why not give it a shot?

But this is SARS-CoV-2, and it’s magically different.

How? It’s apparently close enough that you think masks work the same for it.

Things that cause ChinCOVID:

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Darts
  • Church in cars
  • Solo kayaking
  • Walking out of the house
  • Conservative protests
  • CCW applications
  • RNC
  • The little people
  • Alcohol
  • Lightning
  • Motorcycles
  • Murder

Things that don’t spread ChinCOVID:

  • Antifa/BLM riots
  • VMAs
  • In-person protests against in-person voting
  • DNC
  • The Elites

Panic! Look at all the new cases!

You just increased testing by ten times and more. Before, you only tested a few people who had symptoms.

Panic! Close the schools, close all the businesses!

My state has only had three deaths of anyone under the age of 18. 65% of the deaths were people 70 and older, nearly all with co-morbidities. Why close everything because sick retirees in long term care facilities died?

Panic! Look at all the new deaths!

Daily deaths are down, even if you include the surgical complications, alcohol poisoning, motorcycle crash, gunshot, etc. deaths you faked.

Panic! Another surge in new cases!

You just implemented a new antigen test that will test positive for a wide range of coronaviruses, and multiple states are diagnosing ChinCOVID solely on that without confirmation testing. And oops, Georgia got caught reporting positive antibody tests as new cases, which is physically impossible.

Panic! You had 2,337 new cases yesterday!

No. 2,337 cases were reported to DPH yesterday. We had 66 known new cases. The others were older cases going back as much as a month.

But… panic. You’ve got 256,253 cases.

TOTAL CUMULATIVE, which includes cases that long since recovered. You want to see what new cases look like?

We peaked July 6; almost two months ago.

Fuck you and your totalitarian wetdream.

Ain’t that interesting.

According to the state, my county has had 173 new ChinCOVID cases in the week of 7/27-8/2. How terrible. We’re all going to die.

But according to the Coastal Health District, they only performed 111 tests. So how did they confirm the extra 62 cases? For that matter, how did they even get tests back that quickly?

And that assumes all 111 tests were positive. Which would be surprising, since CHD’s percent-positive rate (district overall; they don’t break that out by county) peaked at 10.5% a month ago, and has been declining ever since. Did my county magically hit 100%? What does that say about the other counties in the district? If we were 100%, the others had to average even less that 10.5% to get that overall average.

And there’s still the matter of 62 more cases than tests.

Let’s look at some other numbers. Georgia publicly reports 197,948 cumulative cases as 8/4, with 3,921 deaths. Bot lo ‘n behold, they’ve only reported 2,922 ChinCOVID (ICD-10 code U07.1; test-confirmed or “we called it that even without tests”) to the CDC. In fact, the CDC only has 140,571 U07.1 deaths for the entire United States from 2/1/2020 to 8/1/202. Compare that to the 154,471 deaths the CDC claims elsewhere, without specifically saying those are U07.1.

Where did they dig up the extra 13,900? The higher number includes Puerto Rico and other US territories, which the lower number doesn’t (50 states and DC), but the territories only added 245 deaths. A far cry from 13,900.

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“ChinCOVID” Deaths

Scroll down for the retroactive case in Tennessee.

In Florida, “COVID-19” has killed:

  • a guy in a fatal motorcycle crash
  • a man fatally shot in the head
  • a 90-year-old male who fell and died “from complications of a hip fracture.”
  • a woman died of Parkinson’s disease
  • a nurse who died of “complications of acute pyelonephritis,” and whose autopsy was negative for SARS-CoV-2

The last four were all Palm Beach County alone, which claims 581 ChinCOVID deaths…

But: Only 168 of the deaths were listed as COVID “without any contributing factors.”

Georgia classified a death from surgical complications (per the coroner) as ChinCOVID.

Washington state calls all deaths as COVID if the virus was detected, regardless of cause of death.

Colorado classified a death by alcohol poisoning as COVID.

Florida: 35-Year-Old Florida Roofer Struck by Lightning Listed as Coronavirus Fatality

This Is Fucking Ridiculous: Retroactive ChinCOVID

Tennessee: Tennessee Woman Who Died 6 Months Ago Receives Letter Claiming She Has Coronavirus
That would be difficult, according to her obituary: the 66-year-old died February 16th. That was weeks before the first case of COVID-19 was detected in Shelby County.

Share in comments links to other similar false reports.

Georgia’s ChinCOVID reporting just went full IHME

Never go full retard… eh, IHME.

For fucking months, Georgia was reporting that ChinCOVID deaths peaked mid-April. That number was 57, then 58, and finally stabilized at 59 about a month and a half ago, as reports came in.

But suddenly, as of July 28, the default graph looks like this.

April 20: 78 deaths. The peak appears to be May 21 at 90 deaths. And the averaged curve appears to have been flattish but dropping slightly, and is now rising with a new secondary peak of 82 daily deaths in late July.

Holy fucking shit! Mandatory masks now! Lock down the goddamned state again now!

Nope. For some scientifically useless, but panic-inducing PR convenient reason, that default graph is of the date deaths were reported to DPH, not the day the death actually occurred. You have to look for the “date of death” graph.”

And looky there; a peak of 59 on April 16. A downward trend ever since, with an uptick in early July as the state has gone crazy classifying ever-lovin’ everything as COVID. Die from surgical complications? ChinCOVID (useful for doctors who want to avoid malpractice lawsuits). Smeared by a Mack truck? COVID; apparently those viruses are bigger than we thought.

Now look at this graph of daily cases (allegedly of the date occurred, not reported).

On the one hand, that looks like an out of control epidemic. On the other hand, that many cases means the Infection Mortality Rate (IFR; cases up, deaths down) is a lot lower than sociopathic panicmongers like Fauci claimed would be the case.

On the gripping hand, it means nothing but that I was right in claiming ChinCOVID was widespread long before officials recognized it, and was far less lethal (for all but the most vulnerable) than claimed. Let me tell you what that graph really shows:

Tests. During the April case peak, Georgia was doing 2,000 to 2,500 tests per day, and you already had to be symptomatic to get one. You had to make an appointment. And pay.

As of July 28, Georgia is doing 34,363 tests per day. 13-18 times as many. And now, testing is free, open to anyone (symptoms not required), no appointment needed.

Of course they’re now seeing all the asymptomatic cases I told you were out there as far back as MARCH.

Allow me to make another successful prediction: In a couple of weeks, Georgia will see another surge of approximately 33% in daily reported cases. And the IFR will continue to drop.

Not let me tell what that prediction is based upon.

1. ChinCOVID is as common — and about as lethal — as any other common cold.
2. Georgia just let a new contract with a testing lab to boost daily tests by at least 10,000 per day… or roughly a 33% increase. More testing, more cases.

The “surge” could be even higher, because that many tests per day suggests they’ll be using the automated fast test machines with a high false-positive rate.


  1. DPH should make date-of-occurrence the graphs displayed by default, not something you have to look for.
  2. DPH shoud graph the percent of individuals testing positive for ChinCOVID (not the percentage of tests, because individuals testing positive get re-tested multiple times; at least the Coastal Health Division admits that publicly).
  3. DPH should graph the percent of individuals testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.
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Let’s Talk About ChinCOVID Masks

We keep hearing that we need to wear masks to prevent the spread of ChinCOVID. Let’s try an experiment. Bum a cigarette from a smoker. Got out into the sun and light up. Get a mouthful of smoke (you needn’t inhale), and put your mask on. Exhale.

Did you see smoke? If you did, how far did you see it drift?*

Tobacco smoke runs around 4 μm. The average diameter of a coronavirus is .125 μm. If your mask won’t stop smoke, it won’t stop coronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2.

If you can’t get a cigarette, put on your mask and start your car’s engine. Go back to the exhaust pipe and take a sniff. Smell exhaust?

Auto emissions run 1-150 μm. The average diameter of a coronavirus is .125 μm. If your mask won’t stop auto exhaust, it won’t stop coronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2.

Let’s go back to the cigarette test. Get another mouthful of smoke and exhale. Now pay attention as you inhale. Was there still smoke inside your mask?

Forget the cigarette. Just stand there and breathe normally. Does it get warm and humid inside your mask?

Air exchange across a mask filter barrier is imperfect. Exhaled CO2 will get recycled by your breathing. It’ll gradually build up in your lungs. Have you seen videos of masked people doing oddly stupid things like failing to get their car’s gas tank to the right side of the gas pump, repeatedly closing their SUV’s hatchback on the spare tire carrier. Could be CO2 intoxication.

You know what else builds up in that mask? Any SARS-CoV-2 virus in your breath. If you have been exposed to it, wearing a mask will cause the virus to recycle in your breath, too. That concentrates and lengthens your exposure, making it more likely you’ll develop an infection.

Have a nice day.

* How far did that smoke drift? More than a “proper” 6 foot “social distance”? Think about that.

ChinCOmmon Cold

No shit. I was trying to point this out more than two months ago.

CDC Antibody Studies Confirm Huge Gap Between COVID-19 Infections and Known Cases
These results confirm something we already knew: The COVID-19 infection fatality rate—deaths as a share of all infections—is much lower than the crude case fatality rate—deaths as a share of known cases. That is bound to be true when testing is limited and a virus typically produces mild or no symptoms. At the same time, the CDC’s antibody studies imply that efforts to control the epidemic through testing, isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing will not be very effective, since they reach only a small percentage of virus carriers.


Pay attention. Antibody testing is showing that ChinCOVID cases actually exceeded known cases by 12:1…

two to three months ago. And if you looked at the datapoint updates on my prediction post, you’ll realize that estimate may be far too low. One study suggests it’s as much as 80:1.

We freaking well know that SARS-CoV-2 infections are everywhere, and have been since at least December last year. Yes, kiddies; before the CCP even announced the “new” betacoronavirus strain. By early January it had already spread to Ohio.

This post-lockdown “surge” we’re allegedly seeing? If you started testing for any other coronavirus, rhinovirus, or influenza virus, you’d “suddenly” see a “surge” in those, too. It’s not a surge in “new cases.” It’s a surge in testing. They’re finally seeing what was already there.

In Georgia, by the time of the April peak in known-positive cases, they were testing 2,000-2,500 people per day. In the past four days alone, Georgia has done 78,839 tests. That’s an average 19,710 tests per day; almost 8 times as many as during the April peak. 8.3% of all tests come back positive. Of course we’re seeing more.

Georgia’s population is 10,617,423, and ChinCOVID has been loose in every county for months. I think every county went positive before the lockdown. This suggests that, rather than the 77,210 reported cases, we’ve had 881,246. In Georgia, which actually has fewer per capita cases than many states (ranked 16th), there’s better than a 1 in 12 chance you already have or had ChinCOVID. And probably never noticed.

As mentioned above, one batch of researchers looking at antibody tests, think it may be 80 times the reported number of 2,637,439 nationwide.

That’s 210,995,120 cases. 64.3% of the entire population. If they are correct, there’s only a 1 in 3 chance that you don’t already have (or had) it.

If they are correct, then instead of a 11% mortality rate, it’s really just 0.06%. If the lower –and more pessimistic — estimate of 12 times the known cases is correct, then the ChinCOVID mortality rate is 0.91%.

The mortality rate for seasonal flu is 0.06 to 0.11%.

We let our glorious leaders destroy the economy and human rights for the fucking common cold.

If you think everyone abso-goddam-lutely needs to wear a mask, why in hell weren’t you wearing one year-round before this?

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More on the ChinCOVID Spread

Datapoint, 6/25/202: Worldometer reports 2,487,638 total US cases, but…

US health officials believe 20 million Americans have had the coronavirus
U.S. officials believe as many as 20 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus, suggesting millions had the virus and never knew it.
Twenty million infections would mean about 6% of the nation’s 331 million people have been infected, leaving a majority of the population still susceptible to the virus.

I think that estimate is way too low. In April, New York state antibody testing showed 13.9% positive; a rate more than twice as high as what the feds are claiming now, which would have extrapolated to 2,703,550 cases in that state alone, two months ago. About the same time a small Massachusetts study found 30%. Currently, Georgia — with a much lower known infection rate than those states — is running a mere 5.9%.

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