ChinCOmmon Cold

No shit. I was trying to point this out more than two months ago.

CDC Antibody Studies Confirm Huge Gap Between COVID-19 Infections and Known Cases
These results confirm something we already knew: The COVID-19 infection fatality rate—deaths as a share of all infections—is much lower than the crude case fatality rate—deaths as a share of known cases. That is bound to be true when testing is limited and a virus typically produces mild or no symptoms. At the same time, the CDC’s antibody studies imply that efforts to control the epidemic through testing, isolation, quarantine, and contact tracing will not be very effective, since they reach only a small percentage of virus carriers.


Pay attention. Antibody testing is showing that ChinCOVID cases actually exceeded known cases by 12:1…

two to three months ago. And if you looked at the datapoint updates on my prediction post, you’ll realize that estimate may be far too low. One study suggests it’s as much as 80:1.

We freaking well know that SARS-CoV-2 infections are everywhere, and have been since at least December last year. Yes, kiddies; before the CCP even announced the “new” betacoronavirus strain. By early January it had already spread to Ohio.

This post-lockdown “surge” we’re allegedly seeing? If you started testing for any other coronavirus, rhinovirus, or influenza virus, you’d “suddenly” see a “surge” in those, too. It’s not a surge in “new cases.” It’s a surge in testing. They’re finally seeing what was already there.

In Georgia, by the time of the April peak in known-positive cases, they were testing 2,000-2,500 people per day. In the past four days alone, Georgia has done 78,839 tests. That’s an average 19,710 tests per day; almost 8 times as many as during the April peak. 8.3% of all tests come back positive. Of course we’re seeing more.

Georgia’s population is 10,617,423, and ChinCOVID has been loose in every county for months. I think every county went positive before the lockdown. This suggests that, rather than the 77,210 reported cases, we’ve had 881,246. In Georgia, which actually has fewer per capita cases than many states (ranked 16th), there’s better than a 1 in 12 chance you already have or had ChinCOVID. And probably never noticed.

As mentioned above, one batch of researchers looking at antibody tests, think it may be 80 times the reported number of 2,637,439 nationwide.

That’s 210,995,120 cases. 64.3% of the entire population. If they are correct, there’s only a 1 in 3 chance that you don’t already have (or had) it.

If they are correct, then instead of a 11% mortality rate, it’s really just 0.06%. If the lower –and more pessimistic — estimate of 12 times the known cases is correct, then the ChinCOVID mortality rate is 0.91%.

The mortality rate for seasonal flu is 0.06 to 0.11%.

We let our glorious leaders destroy the economy and human rights for the fucking common cold.

If you think everyone abso-goddam-lutely needs to wear a mask, why in hell weren’t you wearing one year-round before this?

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