Georgia’s secretary of state: DHS tried to breach our firewall
Georgia’s secretary of state has claimed the Department of Homeland Security tried to breach his office’s firewall and has issued a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson asking for an explanation

Note that the attempted intrusion occurred on November 15, 2016. That’s a week after the general election. “Testing” the security of the voting system in preparation for the election should have occurred before election if Georgia had consented to intrusion testing. This was after the vote, but a week before the vote was officially certified.

That screams, “Let’s change the vote tallies!” to me. And to everyone else I’ve spoken to of this.

But let’s be fair. It didn’t have to be to DHS (Achtung!) hacking the election. Given their history it’s entirely possible that someone else hacked DHS and was using them as a relay to break in and alter vote tallies.

Of course, given that Trump won the popular vote, who would stand to gain by altering the results?

My money is on #SMOD. (he said innocently)