“Buy-Back” Dumbfuckery

OK, any gun “buy-back” is stupid but these folks took it to a whole new level.

Trade-in triggers showdown of gun enthusiasts, gun-control activists
On a chilly Saturday morning, gun-control advocates and gun enthusiasts faced off in a small Indiana city.

Sheridan Hadley stood along a downtown main street holding a sign reading “Groceries for Guns.”

About 10 gun owners stood nearby. Two wore AR-15s across their shoulders.

Hadley’s sign guided passers-by to an April 28 gun trade-in program organized by herself and her husband, David, through their church, Wabash Avenue Presbyterian. The two retired educators felt compelled to act by the Feb. 14 school shooting in Parkland, Fla. that killed 17 people.

No biggie so far, but wait for it.

“We initially said if we got one semi-automatic weapon and took it out of circulation, then our children and our community would be a little safer,” David Hadley said. “We got two semi-automatic weapons, so we’re twice as good as we had hoped for.”

But where did they get those “semiautomatic weapons”?

The day reaped four rifles, including two owned by David Hadley, and a small pistol turned in by a 61-year-old woman with asthma who said she needed groceries.

Does this mean Hadley — the organizer — turned ’em in? That the world is safer with him weaponless?

So I looked at that total — 4 rifles and a pistol — and looked at the amount disbursed: $200.

A pistol is $25. Semiauto “military-style” guns are $100. What else was tunred in for what amounts? Well…

He traded his father’s old semi-automatic .22-caliber shotgun for a $25 gift card to buy food.

.22 caliber… semiauto… shotgun? A family heirloom whatsit gone for twenty-five bucks. My father would come back and haunt me for that. But, pistol, shotgun: $50. That leaves $150 (of the $200) to be split three ways. They got at least one other semiauto something-or-other, so that might be $100. That would leave two $25 dollar rifles of some type, apparently not semiauto, possibly Hadley’s guns.

It’s safe to say one of the items was a junker of virtually no value because…

One trader, however, told the Hadleys he intended to cash in the gift card and buy ammunition.

Heh. But wait, there’s more.

They brought a 30-round Thermold ammunition magazine valued at about $10 in hopes of receiving a $25 gift card. They didn’t get a card because the Hadleys were offering buybacks for high-capacity magazines only.

It’s official! 30-rounds is not “high capacity;” the gun grabbers said so.

This being Indiana, the pro-gun people were out in force; ten to the Hadleys two, including the Thermold pranksters and the guy resupplying on ammo, plus…

One gun owner, hunter Douglas Gallapoo, successfully convinced people to sell firearms to him instead of turning them in at the buyback.

Gallapoo’s sign read: “I pay cash. I pay more.”

Over the course of the buyback, he paid $220 for hunting rifles, while the Hadley’s distributed $200 in gift cards.

I’m betting that Gallapoo got the good stuff. If you needed to sell something, wouldn’t you prefer cash over grocery cards? I’ll bet the only stuff that made it to the Hadleys Two was the crap that no one would buy. Possibly excepting whatever Hadley himself turned in, but he’s clearly… a dumbfuck.

That’s almost funny

So here’s this… freaking moron calling for an assortment of gun control laws:

Letter: Congress: Pass gun legislation or be voted out
Another school was on lock down on the 19th anniversary of the shooting in Colorado. Where are the bills to rein in this terror of our young people? Where is the bill to eliminate the bump stock that makes a semi-automatic weapon into an automatic weapon? Where is the bill to require an individual to be age 21 to purchase a weapon? Where is the bill to have background checks done? Where is the bill to stop the sale of large capacity magazines? This is what is needed.

The shooter referenced was a prohibited person who unlawfully purchased a weapon, bypassing age restrictions and background checks.

The weapon was a shotgun. Not semiautomatic. No high capacity magazine. In fact, from vague descriptions, it sounds like a double-barrelled shotgun. No magazine.

No bump-fire stock, you ditz.

The shotgun was sawed-off. Illegally. More existing laws broken.

He unlawfully concealed it. He unlawfully carried it into a school.

Rule Fucking 1.

Not quite

So some locals decided to protest the sub base ’round here…

7 anti-war activists detained after vandalism on Kings Bay sub base
Seven members of a group called Kings Bay Plowshares were arrested Thursday after they slipped onto the Kings Bay Submarine Base and vandalized some signs, according to a base spokesman.

That kinda surprised me, this being a serious military town (I get offered military discounts all the time, and I last served 28 years ago). But…

Not quite.

California, Connecticut, Vermont, two from New York, Maryland, North Carolina.

Seems like they drove long ways to be the “Kings Bay” Plowshares.

ETA: I’m not sure what’s been declassified, but according to open source data on the web, the California,n at least, had to bypass four nuclear weapon storage facilities to get to Kings Bay.

Allowing physics

Can someone leak this moron’s college transcripts. He clearly failed physics.

Sessions says Justice Dept. inching closer to banning bump stocks
“We believe in that, and we have had to deal with previous ATF legal opinions, but our top people in the Department of Justice have believed for some time that we can through regulatory process not allow the bump stock to convert a weapon from a semiautomatic to a fully automatic.”

Since it’s physically impossible for a bump-fire stock to convert a semiautomatic rifle into a fully automatic rifle, not allowing it should be a snap.

Emma Gonzalez, Apple Zombie

Some people need to put down the smart phone and face reality.

A gentle reminder that all we are aiming for here is stricter gun laws that make it harder for people to get guns (because it shouldn’t be easier than getting a drivers license) and the removal of Military Grade Weapons from Civilian Society. #BanAssaultRifles #GunContolNow

— Emma González (@Emma4Change) February 25, 2018

Why, bless your heart.

I’ll take that one by one.

  • “make it harder for people to get guns”
    Please refer to the definition of “infringe“. Not even a little bit, Ripley.
  • “it shouldn’t be easier than getting a drivers [sic] license”
    Since one needs a driver’s license (or other gov-issued photo ID) to buy a firearm from an FFL… and fill out a 4473, and undergo a background check, and have a record clean of legal disabilities that would not exclude a person merely getting a driver’s license, I think you don’t know shit about firearms law, buttercup.
  • “removal of Military Grade Weapons from Civilian Society”
    No country in the world generally issues semiautomatic rifles to it regular troops, because they are not “military grade.”

Are you stupid, or an outright liar, buzzcut?

Have you considered blaming the lunatic who shot up your school, who lied on his 4473? The Sheriff who admit admits his agency took 23 calls on chumbucket, and only handled 16 of them “correctly” even by his apparently nonexistent standards? The state and local agencies that blew off a total of 42 pre-shooting calls on chumbucket, including one from the perp himself? The FBI which admits to ignoring 2 very specific warnings by name?

Have you considered blaming whoever was responsible for reporting to NICS that bucketboy had been adjudicated a “vulnerable adult die to mental illness,” meaning he was a prohibited person, and should have failed his multiple background checks?

Have you considered blaming the four deputies who refused to enter and face a shooter, demonstrating tinier testicles than your unarmed coach?

And who do you blame for your own ignorant call for the violation of human/civil rights?

If anyone is on Twitter, or has this snowflake’s email address, please forward these questions to her. I’d really like to see her answers. She can reply by the same route, or post a comment here.

That’s understandable…

…when you look at it from their POV.

New York politicians propose new law that would force Procter & Gamble to stop making Tide Pods that look like candy
Two New York politicians are calling for a new state law that, if passed, would force Procter & Gamble to make Tide pods look less appetising, and follows nationwide disgust at the Tide Pod Challenge.

State Senator Brad Hoylman and Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, both New York City Democrats, announced their proposal on Tuesday – in the hopes the new law would discourage people from eating the laundry detergent pods.

Bea in mind that P&G has already changed the packaging to keep innocent little — “if it’s bright it must be candy” — children from eating the things. This is to protect “Tide Pod Challengees,” most of whom seem to be young adults. Who should know better. They’re eating Tide Pods because they know it’s laundry detergent.

In short, this proposed law is intended to protect the Democrat voter base from themselves. Mid-terms are going to be scary enough for the Ds without losing live Dimwit voters. Personally, I’m all in favor of the “Challenge.” “Think of it as evolution in actions.”

We don’t need chlorine in the gene pool. We have Tide.