Please don’t vote

You’re too freaking stupid.

Georgia special election is a Rorschach test for the Trump era
There stands Adriane Cooper, a Sandy Springs teacher wielding a “Vote Your Ossoff” placard and a chip on her shoulder from Donald Trump’s presidential win. She was drawn like a magnet to the Democratic newcomer who has put Tuesday’s special election to represent a swath of suburban Atlanta at the scorching center of the nation’s political debate.

This is the first time I’ve been old enough to vote against the people in charge, the people I don’t agree with,” the 25-year-old said. “And this is my way to channel that energy.” (emphasis added-cb)

You’re 25 years old, you moron. You’ve been old enough to vote since 2010. You’ve missed two general election cycles, two mid-term cycles, and who knows how special and local elections. If you meant this is the first time you vote against folks specifically “in charge” and with whom you disagree…

Your former Representative was Republican. Since you’re touting a Dem, I expect you probably would have disagreed with him. You were old enough to vote against him. You district has historically gone Republican; did you just this year suddenly turn Dim?

Don’t vote. You are either too damned ignorant, or too crazy.

No, it isn’t an assault rifle

But I wish I got misdeliveries like that. Heck, I don’t even find guns in the street


UPS Mistakenly Delivers Assault Rifle To LI Couple Instead Of Toy Plane
A Long Island couple was shocked to find an assault rifle delivered to their house — when in fact, they ordered a toy.

First, an assault rifle is a shoulder-fired long gun, chambered for an intermediate power cartridge, capable of selective fire (semi & auto).

That appears to be a Barret Model 95. (If I’m wrong, let me know.)


It’s a bolt action rifle. So it isn’t even capable of semi-automatic operation, much less full auto. And it’s chambered in .50 BMG which isn’t exactly “intermediate power.”

An assault rifle, it ain’t. But it’s black, so I suppose it’s evil in NY.

How dare he not follow all 17 million!

The lefty Trumpeing outrage is… well, I thought they’d hit rock bottom, but then they broke out the pickaxes.

Donald Trump has 17 million Twitter followers, follows 28 people in return
President-elect Donald Trump loves Twitter but clearly views it as a microphone rather than a tool for dialogue. He has more than 17 million followers and follows only 40 accounts in return. Of those 10 are properties or organizations he operates, three are media outlets, nine are friends or his family members, six are Trump campaign operatives or supporters, 11 are broadcasters and one is Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Man, I quit Twitter even before I discovered that you’re legally obligated to follow everyone who follows you.

Hey… waitaminnit…


Brett’s got over 13,000 twitterbots, dumbasses, and obligated family members followers. But she doesn’t follow all of them.

I think someone should sue her for breach of imaginary contract.

Wait’ll they see the REAL world

Apparently low-IQ SJW types with no sense of humor — but I repeat myself — are getting butthurt over the obviously-a-funny-as-hell joke “Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset.”


While folks of normal intelligence (and possessed of humor) are laughing our asses off at this, the snowflakes are whining to Fisher-Price, demanding they pull the nonexistent toy.

That’s hilarious in itself. But if they’re worried about that…

Lemme tell ya, in the real world, I gave a niece a for-real circular saw for Christmas once, and a two-year old got a power screwdriver for her birthday.

In case that didn’t give kids enough ideas, I’ve also presented children with The Dangerous Book for Boys and The Daring Book for Girls. Another kid got The Boy Electrician (which is… interesting enough that I included a warning myself).


And that is WHY we mock you

Don’t mock liberals calling for gun control in wake of OSU attack
It is heartbreaking that 11 young people were injured in this incident, although I have not heard that any of their injuries are life-threatening. If the assailant had used a semi-automatic rifle, like the young (white, American) man in the church in South Carolina or the young (white, American) man in the theater in Colorado, we would be dealing with multiple deaths and dozens of injuries.

See? The moronic Landen says knife and vehicular injuries aren’t life threatening (which would come as a surprise to the CDC). And that if the asshole had used a “semi-automatic rifle” like Charleston’s asshole lots of people would have died.

Except the Charleston asshole didn’t use a semi-automatic rifle. He used a .45 caliber handgun, for which purchase he passed a background check.

And that, Ms. Landen, is why we ridicule you. You can’t get basic facts like weapons used, or laws in force, straight, and call for what already is while ignoring what isn’t.

You’re a dumbass.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Gun From a Pawn Shop Hiring A Lawyer

Sometimes it’s pretty obvious whether or not you should hire a particular attorney. If he advertises in the middle of late night infomercials, keep flipping channels.

Other times you have to wait for him to open his mouth.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing a Gun From a Pawn Shop
Licensed or Private?
First and foremost, you’ll want to be familiar with your state laws on gun sales. While these statutes mainly apply to the gun dealer, you don’t want a sale or your ownership to be revoked because the pawn broker failed to dot his i’s or cross his t’s. And restrictions on pawn shop guns sales will mostly be determined by whether the seller is considered a licensed dealer or a private one.

Note that Coble, Esq. specifies that this is about “buying a gun from a pawn shop (emphasis added-cb).” You weren’t browsing the store when some dude walked in to pawn a Clerk 1st revolver, for which you offer him one buck more than the pawn shop will, because it’s the perfect piece you need to complete your “Urban Gangbanger POS” collection.

Tip: If a pawn shop sells guns, it must be a Type 02 FFL. If the shop is selling the gun, it cannot be a “private sale.”

If an… attorneyspecifically writing about firearms law — doesn’t know this, keep flipping channels. You’ll probably have better luck with the infomercial lawyers.

Update: Finally.

Editor’s note, December 14, 2016: This article has been updated to clarify that pawn shops must have a proper license to sell guns legally.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means


As seen at Never Yet Melted:

F******k post
“Identity politics is a product of individualism, and individualism is a cornerstone of Anglo-Saxon Western civilization. People used to identify with intellectual identities that were conceived in the higher self – they would say they were Christian and Jewish, capitalist and socialist, working class and job creators, nationalists. But now they are identifying with their lower animal functions – LGBT (who they prefer sexually), vegetarians (what they prefer to eat), white and black (colours that we are born into and have no intrinsic value), gender and sex (which genitals they have), millennials and non-millennials (not youthfulness, but ageism), the music genres they listen to. And these accidental identities are shaping their behaviour, their life decisions, their dress, and their relationships. This is the true Fall of man, the fall from the higher self to the lower self, from the mind and the spirit to food, genitals, and worldliness.”

Ummm… Dispensing with your individual identity to join in a collective expression of self is individualism?

Damn, that’s why the sky is day-glo orange today. Got up on the wrong side of the universe today.


Oh, no. The vegans (and Hindus and Muslims) have discovered that…

New Fiver Contains Animal Fat, Provoking Anger From Vegans
The Bank of England has admitted that its new five pound notes contain tallow, an animal fat, and that they have no idea whether it contains pork products.

Specifically, the notes contain a polymer which partially derives from stearic acid, which in turn is commonly derived from tallow. So…

No. The notes don’t contain “fat.” The fat was a chemical precursor to a material which is yet another precursor to the polymer which is a minor component of the bills.

If the vegans are going to get upset over — and refuse to use — anything made with stearic acid…

A partial list of things stearic acid is used in:

Soap, cosmetics, detergents, grease/lubricants, paper plates/bowls, injection molded plastics, molded ceramics, molded plaster, fireworks, lead/acid batteries, playing cards, fabric sizing, rubber, PVC plastics, dyes, candles, candy, foods, buffing compounds and metal polish, cements, waterproofing…

I don’t think a First Worlder can exist without using something that incorporated stearic acid in its manufacture. Most Third Worlders would be hard-pressed to avoid it.

I invite all vegans to forego all stearic acid-based products. Forever. Please.

But contact me via email first, to arrange to send me all your unwanted £5 notes.

Discovering the “Oh, shit! The [Other] Party gets to use those powers now” argument

At least she recognized some degree of importance even during the Barrycade administration.

Protecting the Republic: Securing Communications is More Important than Ever
Protecting the privacy of speech is crucial for preserving our democracy. We live at a time when tracking an individual—a journalist, a member of the political opposition, a citizen engaged in peaceful protest—or listening to their communications is far easier than at any time in human history. Political leaders on both sides now have a responsibility to work for securing communications and devices. This means supporting not only the laws protecting free speech and the accompanying communications, but also the technologies to do so: end-to-end encryption and secured devices; it also means soundly rejecting all proposals for front-door exceptional access. Prior to the election there were strong, sound security arguments for rejecting such proposals. The privacy arguments have now, suddenly, become critically important as well. Threatened authoritarianism means that we need technological protections for our private communications every bit as much as we need the legal ones we presently have. (emphasis added- cb)

Let me give you a few brief reminders. Some of us warned about this with CALEA, PATRIOT, Patriot II, NDAA, CISPA, SOPA, HIPAA…

And pretty much every other extra-constitutional power that control freaks have handed the government over the last few decades. Oh, hell; centuries. And you never learn, except very temporarily when the opposition takes possession of the ball.