Please don’t vote, part 4

6th District vote: Fulton seeks to extend polling hours; DeKalb and Cobb smooth
Exasperated voters arrived at their typical polling locations only to find them empty. The cause? They’re in the 11th, or 5th, or 4th districts, none of which are on the ballot Tuesday.

Note that this is after a press release was issued explaining that this is only for residents of the 6th district.

No word whether Dimwit candidate Ossoff was one of those turned away.


Please don’t vote, Part 3

The Georgia 6th district special election for Price’s vacant House seat just gets better and better and best:

Georgia Dem: No issue I don’t live in district
Democrat Jon Ossoff dismissed concerns Tuesday over the fact that he doesn’t live in the Georgia congressional district in which he’s running for a House seat.

As near as I can make out in Georgia law, to get on the ballot, one must file an affidavit stating that one lives in the district and is eligible to vote in the election in which he intends to run. I don’t see an exception for “grew up in this district”.

Did he lie on the affidavit? Was he improperly allowed on the ballot in knowing violation of the law? Am I missing something?

Shoot, with all this stupidity going on, “Equipment stolen days before special election; Sec. of State: ‘Unacceptable’” is barely worth a comment. Speculation that ranges from “dumbass stole it to pawn,” to “Dems meant to add (probably Bartow County) names to the registry,” to “someone wanted to close a polling station to claim disenfranchisement.” Who the fuck knows?

Please don’t vote: Part 2

So the other day we met the 25 year old Georgia teacher who is so glad she’s finally old enough to vote for the first time.

Today it’s the folks in Georgia’s 11th Congressional district who are upset to learn they don’t get to vote in the 6th district special election.

I shit you not.

Bartow County elections officials said Monday they had a number of phone calls and visits from voters looking to cast a ballot in the race that has generated national attention and wall-to-wall television advertising.

It was enough to prompt the county to issue a reminder via news release.

“Bartow County does not have an election scheduled for April 18, 2017,” the release says, which also includes this helpful civics lesson: “Georgia has two senators that represent the entire state, but each congressman only represents a single district of the state.”


Care to bet whether these idiots were all Democrats? Presumably none were even registered to vote, since Georgia’s voter registration card states what district you’re in. And the deadline for tomorrow’s special election was a month ago.

I’m a-thinkin’ the Republicans will win.