Gonzalez: Her parents clearly dropped her on her head as a baby

Emma “Ripley” Gonzalez, as expected, is dancing in the Tennessee Waffle House victims’ blood to…

… I can’t really say “make a point.” She tweeted:

“Removing the assault and semi-automatic weapons from our Civilian society, instituting thorough background checks and mandatory waiting periods (and raising the buying age and banning the production of high-capacity magazines) are the ways to stop shootings in America. >


  • Confiscation: The cops did confiscate his guns. He re-armed illegally.
  • Background checks: He originally bought his guns in Illinois, undergoing multiple background checks. He re-armed illegally, bypassing background checks.
  • Waiting periods: Guess what, snowflake. Illinois: waiting periods, too. Then he re-armed illegally, bypassing waiting periods.
  • Age limits: Why, bless your heart. The accused asshole is 29 years old. I realize that you ride the short bus to public school (when you bother to go to school), so “29 > 21” may not be clear to you. So…29 (twenty-nine IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII IIII) years is 8 (eight, IIIII III) years OLDER than 21 (twenty-one, IIIII IIIII IIIII IIIII I) years.
  • “High capacity” magazines: I haven’t seen a report that specified magazine capacity, but since he had at least two guns, maybe four, that might not have been much of a factor.

She also notes that James Shaw Jr. managed to stop the shooter without a gun of his own, proving that teachers don’t need guns. Yeah, and he got shot. Come to think of it, so did unarmed faculty at her high school. Go figure.

You know who didn’t get shot? The AR-armed man who stopped the Sutherland Springs shooter. Go figure that, too. And I wonder why cops bother with those “unnecessary” guns.

The chumbucket may also have been under indictment for his informal White House tour last year, which make him a prohibited person… ummm, just like the Parkland shooter (according to FL DCF), not to mention the aforementioned Sutherland Springs killer … so in Ripley’s pink unicorn world, he shouldn’t have been able to get guns at all.

Funny how criminals keep doing that.

ETA: I thought the shooter might be under indictment from the White House escapade, but it looks like that case was cleared. He had also been taken in for involuntary psych evaluation at one point; I don’t know if that included an adjudication of mental illness that would make him a prohibited person.

Try it: A message to “Never Again MSD”

Law enforcement failed 42 times to do anything about the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School murderer. The school failed to do anything about him. DCF failed, despite an apparent adjudication of mental incompetence. In turn, someone in government neglected to report him to NICS, so he was able to buy a gun from an FFL.

The Coward County Sheriff’s Office ignored an impassioned plea from a family member. (Several, really, including one from the suspect himself.)

The FBI ignored TWO reports of concern about the shooter-to-be. One of those reports was very detailed; including that the suspect was armed and wanted to shoot up his former school. The other report was that the suspect wanted to be a famous school shooter.

Coward County Sheriff’s deputies… cowered outside, and let the shooter kill. (Peterson now claims that he heard shots, but thought they came from outside, therefore he hid… outside. Ignoring screaming kids pouring out of the building.)

So you blame…

The rifle. And every honest gun owner in the country who didn’t commit the crime.

There are an estimated 16,000,000 AR-pattern rifles alone in America. The Parkland shooter used one of those, which government should have prevented him having in the first place.

There are at least 265,000,000 firearm of all types in America. Some estimates reach 750,000,000.

Your shooter used one.

You want “assault weapons” banned. Yet you have no constitutionally specific definition of such. As a result honest gun owners reasonably wonder if you plan to take them all.

Estimates of gun owners range from 55,000,000 to over 120,000,000.

Your shooter was one PROHIBITED PERSON.

But you blame all gun owners — whom, I repeat, didn’t do it — for the criminal acts of one prohibited person whom the government allowed to kill. You negligently throw out the term “NRA” as shorthand for all gun owners and accuse us of murder, which sounds like slander/libel to me.

As many as 120,000,000 honest people armed with as much as 750,000,000 small arms are watching you accuse and threaten us; watching you attempt to sic the forces of government on us for crimes we did not commit, in a mass 18 U.S. Code § 241 conspiracy against constitutionally-protected human/civil rights.*

Forces of government” seemingly too incompetent to stop one crazed killer.

Is it wise to piss off that many armed people with only the Browardly backing of government?

Try it. Try us.

* What? You believed CNN when they told you only “NRA” money keeps politicians from doing YOUR bidding? No, it’s 55,000,000 to 120,000,000 VOTERS who will — and have in past — toss their oathbreaking posteriors out of office.

Emma Gonzalez, Apple Zombie

Some people need to put down the smart phone and face reality.

A gentle reminder that all we are aiming for here is stricter gun laws that make it harder for people to get guns (because it shouldn’t be easier than getting a drivers license) and the removal of Military Grade Weapons from Civilian Society. #BanAssaultRifles #GunContolNow

— Emma González (@Emma4Change) February 25, 2018

Why, bless your heart.

I’ll take that one by one.

  • “make it harder for people to get guns”
    Please refer to the definition of “infringe“. Not even a little bit, Ripley.
  • “it shouldn’t be easier than getting a drivers [sic] license”
    Since one needs a driver’s license (or other gov-issued photo ID) to buy a firearm from an FFL… and fill out a 4473, and undergo a background check, and have a record clean of legal disabilities that would not exclude a person merely getting a driver’s license, I think you don’t know shit about firearms law, buttercup.
  • “removal of Military Grade Weapons from Civilian Society”
    No country in the world generally issues semiautomatic rifles to it regular troops, because they are not “military grade.”

Are you stupid, or an outright liar, buzzcut?

Have you considered blaming the lunatic who shot up your school, who lied on his 4473? The Sheriff who admit admits his agency took 23 calls on chumbucket, and only handled 16 of them “correctly” even by his apparently nonexistent standards? The state and local agencies that blew off a total of 42 pre-shooting calls on chumbucket, including one from the perp himself? The FBI which admits to ignoring 2 very specific warnings by name?

Have you considered blaming whoever was responsible for reporting to NICS that bucketboy had been adjudicated a “vulnerable adult die to mental illness,” meaning he was a prohibited person, and should have failed his multiple background checks?

Have you considered blaming the four deputies who refused to enter and face a shooter, demonstrating tinier testicles than your unarmed coach?

And who do you blame for your own ignorant call for the violation of human/civil rights?

If anyone is on Twitter, or has this snowflake’s email address, please forward these questions to her. I’d really like to see her answers. She can reply by the same route, or post a comment here.