Sore Winners?

Shee-it. What would they have done if the Eagles lost?

Fires, mayhem, insane trust falls in Philly after Super Bowl win

On the bright side, someone discovered a use for Bud Light.

I can’t wait for the conversation between the city and the EPA over that hydraulic fluid they sloshed around.

As if gas cans didn’t work poorly enough already

Can an “easy fix” curb dangers of containers holding flammable fuel?
A proposed bill in Congress aims to cut the number of Americans burned in so-called “flame jetting” incidents, when a container holding flammable fuel can become something akin to a flamethrower. The injuries can be devastating.

This happens with flammable liquids, like the gasoline you use for your lawn mower, fireplace fuels, liquor and even nail polish remover. Advocates say all of those could put you at risk and are missing what they say is a needed safety measure, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

Aubrey Clark was 17 when a 2011 gasoline accident changed her life and lost her her voice. She was at a friend’s house for her birthday party with a few friends when one friend got near an outdoor fire with a gasoline can. Clark was some 10 feet away but said flames shot out of the can.

I’ve got an easy fix for that: Don’t put gas cans near fires.

This article doesn’t have any statistics on how often this happens, but I wonder… Care to bet whether this started peaking after 2009, when the idiot feds mandated vapor recovery/anti-spill gas cans? The ones that don’t work (and which sparked a retrofit industry)? See, a decent gas can had a vent and plain nozzle; if vaopr pressure built up — say, from heat — the vapors would simply escape. And expanding vapors cool, minimizing the chance that they’d ignite. If it did ignite, pressure would be too low for much of a jet.

These new “improved” cans won’t let vapors easily vent off. So pressure builds. And builds. And get hotter. Until the vapor reaches ignition point and shoots out.

Thanks, EPA. And rather than admit they fucked up, they’re going to add yet another gadget to cans to further restrict flow. And very likely restrict venting even more, so that cans will simply exploded.

Oh, that’ll be much better.

People’s Democratic Republic of Puerto Rico?

Perhaps you heard that Puerto Rico was almost totally blacked out by a fire in an aging oil-fired power plant.

Did you hear why?

Well, it is an aging plant. It needs to be replaced. The Puerto Ricans want to replace it. You might expect that to be a no-brainer, since old plants are harder to maintain and the EPA’s new particulate emissions rules virtually require old oil plants to shut down.

The Environmental “Protection” Agency wouldn’t let them.

It might endanger sea turtles. And coral reefs.

The EPA has delayed the upgrade for two years and counting.

Welcome to the future envisioned by the DC envirowackos.


On the bright side, if they get the lightsd back on, and keep them on for long enough to hold another referendum, this is the perfect time for the secessionist faction to push for independence again. “America won’t let us have electricity. We have to be independent if you want to keep the lights on”

300…?! WTF?

I hope that’s a typo. 30mm cannon in the hands of those lunatics is bad enough.

The EPA disclosed spending includes tens of millions of dollars in checkbook spending on “guns up up to 300MM,” “ammunition up to 300MM,” “body armor,” “camouflage and deceptive equipment,” “unmanned aircraft,” “amphibious assault ships,” “radar,” “night vision,” joint “Homeland Security” projects, and much more –

Added: Apparently not a typo. From page 13 of the report:

$1.4 million was spent on “guns up to 30MM,” $9,907 on
“guns over 300MM,”

Of course they do

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a regulation to prohibit conversion of vehicles originally designed for on-road use into racecars. The regulation would also make the sale of certain products for use on such vehicles illegal. The proposed regulation was contained within a non-related proposed regulation entitled “Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Medium- and Heavy-Duty Engines and Vehicles—Phase 2.”

And then they can ban street vehicles that could be converted into racers. Pretty much like the ATF prohibits any weapon that could be easily converted into a machine gun.

Just imagine the exciting roar hummmmm of NASCAR Smart cars.

Clearly Ryan hasn’t been keeping up with the EPA

Speaker Ryan on mission to clean house, from the ground up
The Wisconsin Republican, who is known for sleeping in his office at night when he’s in Washington, mentions “ozone machines” that apparently “can detoxify the environment.”

Maybe someone should mention this to the EPA, which has a differing opinion on ozone. Funnny how this politically aware congresscritter missed that.

Maybe Congress exempted itself from that one, too.